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Necrophilia and pedophilia... that's a horrid teacher-imposed curriculum. If parents don't complain, it will continue. At least you're smart enough to see through it! What part of the U.S. - big city school district? East Coast, West Coast?

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Biden isn't telling us what he would do, he's pointing a finger. RIDICULOUS!

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This shows how stupid she is and she's crying because she's doing a crappy job by asking the same questions over and over again. SHE SHOULD RETIRE! Trump has exposed the media for shoddy editing to create a separate narrative. Trump did a great job!

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Depression over Americans being able to work again?

American Jobs disappeared with obummer but I guess it didn't affect her so she didn't care.

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James Woods is on a tear lately on Twitter, love it!

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How is Trump supposed to say No to a female moderator? That's not a good look either. He's smart. He'll find a way to get his message into the conversation or expose them for what they are: partisan hacks.

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Promises, promises... celebrities often threaten but never follow through and move.

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