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It’s too late. It was too late when it left China.

Now we have to ask ourselves which is more important the lives of thousands or the lives of hundreds of millions?

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Speakeasies are already popping up in NYC and elsewhere. And it’s not just for boozing. It’s restaurants, gyms, etc.

The longer they do this, the more this will happen.

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Cuomo is a failure of a governor and this is the best distraction he could ever wish for.

New York State was and will continue to lead the nation in people moving elsewhere.

He wasted billions of taxpayer money on various boondoggles.

And every mid to large city in the state is a shithole, including NYC which was on a downhill slide even when things were good.

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Prison? Please.

All of the jackasses who were screaming that if you didn’t attend the Chinese lunar new year parade you were racist are still all in their positions and will likely receive promotions.

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New York City openly encouraged its citizens to go to the Chinese lunar new year parade and festivities in NYC in February.

New York City did nothing when a corona positive Iranian couple who work for Mount Sinai Hospital returned from Iran through JFK. Oh and they took a uber back to their residence which is Mount Sinai Hospital housing.

New York City did nothing for decades to improve its healthcare infrastructure. Instead it pandered to and spent billions of dollars to support and hide illegal aliens and criminals.

New York City waited and waited to close its schools because... and this is a fact... “where would the school kids eat if school was closed.”

New York city waited and waited to postpone parades, events and gatherings.

This is Cuomos and Deblasios and mess.

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Yeah nice work Cuomo. You made everyone in NYC stay at home in their apartment buildings where they share entrances, hallways, elevators, stairwells, common areas, and laundry rooms among other shared areas. And somehow New Yorkers are still getting the commie flu...

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What they’re finding is a terribly inadequate hospital system which has been known to be garbage for years by nearly everyone who isn’t a retard.

The ER’s in NYC are a disaster on a good day. Even the “good” hospitals like New York Presbyterian tread water on a day to day basis.

And what has been done since 9/11 to improve the hospitals in NYC? Well, Deblasio gave illegal aliens free healthcare.

So surprise, surprise Elmhurst hospital is overflowing with sanctuary city patients.

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There are hundreds if not thousands of idled anesthesia ventilators throughout NY, NJ, and CT.

These machines could absolutely be used in a worst case scenario. Instead they sit unused in empty operating rooms.

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There are hundreds of idled anesthesia machine ventilators throughout NYC and New York State.

This isn’t a secret.

Most every hospital in NYC has idled it’s operating rooms except for emergencies. If things were as dire as Cuomo is saying these anesthesia ventilators could be put into use, at least for a short time, although the newer machines could be used for a longer duration.

And no one is talking about this.

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NYC brought this upon itself.

They did nothing to prepare for anything remotely resembling this. Instead Billy D. gave his retarded wife a billion taxpayer bucks and... poof... it’s gone.

When this virus started looking bad, Cuomo and Deblasio were more concerned about “racism”.

And the truth is every single “normal” day is a disaster in NYC’s ER’s and hospitals. The ER’s have been a mess for decades. And then NYC gave illegals and poors “free” healthcare at the city hospitals, so yeah... now it’s a bigger mess.

None of the hospitals in NYC were ready for the normal day to day operations much less this. And yeah I’m looking at you Mount Sinai, New York Presbyterian, NYU, and the city hospitals.

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Hope you’re just trolling.

If not know that my old man worked as an aircraft mechanic and was laid off time after time. It happens in the airlines. And it used to be worse. In the end he did just fine and raised a great family.

This is bad but it will pass and people will be itching to vacation again.

Collect your unemployment. Stay level headed.

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Oh none of this shit makes sense. Air China just ADDED flights from Beijing to San Francisco!

Everything from China should’ve been stopped months ago. But that didn’t happen cause racist something, something.

Now you have local officials closing schools but all this other shit is ok.

Oh you have corona and you wanna return your soda cans? Super! Line right up at the virus return station!

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If you think I’ll ever feel bad that my poor as dirt polish and German great grandparents gave up farming, came to the United States legally in steamships, and then worked in coal mines and assembly lines, never to return to their father lands... while scraping by an existence and improving their children’s futures... you may kiss my very pale white ass.

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And how’s syracuse doing? Oh that’s right it’s a fucking dump. And Rochester and all of upstate NY. Because not only are they resettling “refugees” they’re also sending NYC gutter trash up there.

Sad for all of these formerly prosperous cities.

Also what happens when the gimmies run out? Oh yeah we know. More crime. More poverty. More bullshit.

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Not fucking clicking a link to slate of all things.

Archive that shit.

I’ve seen everything from 1-3% fatality rates. That’s nothing to dismiss. And given that it is spreading rapidly all over the United States and Europe at the moment I think it’s reasonable to take it seriously. Not panic. But serious.

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On a related note the 405 has been in a state of emergency since the mid 60’s.

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Isn’t there a saying like “Everyone can be a liberal until they’re robbed at gunpoint”.

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It appears your voting is not in line with our community standards. Please remain where you are and wait for a reddit service provider to liquidate you.

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Don’t worry. Canada is flying plane load after plane load of infected muslims from Iran.

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Canada will probably offer them citizenship and a few million dollars.

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