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And kill whites. They missed that part. They want to kill whites.

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Hahahahaha. Texas is bluer than fucking blue.

“B-b-but just the cities.”

Yeah every fucking city. Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, even fucking Fort Worth.

It’s done.

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Doesn’t matter. The violent left doesn’t care. They would tear his statue down without a second thought.

Logic and reason has long since been thrown out.

Fort Wagner? What’s that? Who cares?

Battle of the crater? How the black union troops should’ve been sent in first? And they could’ve won?

Get out of here old man with your history.

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Welcome to my blue state hell brother.

Although I will say I never wore a mask outside and no one said anything to me. But in stores it’s verboten. Be prepared to fight.

Wait until you start seeing the masked morons out in the middle of nowhere by themselves.

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A 19 year old woman was shot and killed last night in Madison Square Park. The place where Shake Shack was born. Home of Eataly, the Flat Iron building and one of the worlds best restaurants (11 Madison Park).

This is New York City. The violent democrats voted this in and continue to ask for it everyday.

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I appreciate her honesty.

They hate you and want your family dead. We know this. She says so. The brown jealousy rages. No, you will never be white. And you’ll always be ugly. No matter what you tweet.

My problem is the self loathing whites who will defend her and actually promote her.

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It’s the Mein Kampf of our times.

This book needs to be denounced and mocked at every opportunity.

To underestimate its danger is folly.

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I can’t believe I’m going to write this... thank god for lawyers.

Well, some lawyers at least.

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Well he’s telling you what they want and what they are going to do to get it. He’s honest and forthcoming. And they’re doing it.

Which is far fucking more than the GOP is doing right now.

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Simmering down?

The left is still going full force with both corona chan and their cultural revolution/kill whitey now fun-fest.

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Too little too late. NYC and the the rest of NY and most every blue city and state is in a free fall with no future or hope. Leftist violence and civil unrest has gripped the cities.

It’s a truly dystopian nightmare.

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Yeah well have fun hiking with all the masked morons around Asheville.

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👆🏻 Yup doing the same slowly. My gym (Crunch) sent a BLM email to their members and how they were donating money to bullshit causes, all the while being closed and going out of business. Fuck them.

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“County runs out of hospital beds.” Big fucking deal.

Even in NY the state had hospital beds coming out of its ass. And then when there was nothing to do the hospitals laid off their staff.

So many field hospitals and testing centers in NY went unused or unconstructed. The hospital ship and javits center were empty the entire fucking time.

Stop it with this bullshit.

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And yet somehow when they play this season the stadium will be filled with self hating, unathletic whites who will be paying hundreds of dollars or more for the pleasure of watching people who want you and your family dead play a shitty “sport”.

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Waste of time.

You need to pester her employer. Show up at her house at all hours. Cancel her like she wants whites cancelled.

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Why would you go or buy their products? They hate you. And I mean hate you.

Same with the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc., etc.

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