gamingthisandthat 20 points ago

One thing to note here - it references 3 other people (person 1, person 2, and person 3) so there will be more indictments coming.

gamingthisandthat 11 points ago

LOL if only they knew what the number of users are...

gamingthisandthat 5 points ago

They know we are winning. They are desperate and clinging for anything. We won’t stop - nothing will stop us.

gamingthisandthat 44 points ago

lolol the same people who said the stock market would collapse if trump won HAHA!

gamingthisandthat 8 points ago

Do you people still not see how much of a master framer he is? HE IS AN AMAZING FRAMER... Biden is now framed to people as a puppet and controlled. People will remember this and he will continue hammering this point moving forward. As always stable genius :)

gamingthisandthat 19 points ago

This is absolute insanity... This dude could get the death penalty for protecting himself...

gamingthisandthat 2 points ago

They claim to use landlines - who the hell still has a landline?????

gamingthisandthat 5 points ago

Ahh the debates will be fun - in all seriousness though i kinda feel bad a little bit. The dems are quite evil to put him through this - he clearly doesnt have the energy to campaign a lot and do much.

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