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if they say its Corona..dont believe them. Tell her to take some Vitamin D and Zinc an she'll be fine.

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cmon man..Noem and Desantis 100!

I like Jordan but his gym coach days scandal is a bit much Gaetz is a beast but Im no fan of closet fags...he's fucking his cuban pool boy lol..who he "adopted"

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wish I could afford it bro. All the decent paying jobs seem to be disappearing...even in a MAGA economy. This China flu BS didnt help

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If these bogus election results get tossed. Trump will have an even greater senate majority. This Georgia runoff is BS in itself

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We cant afford to lose TRUMP. F the Senate. Its all meaningless with GEOTUS and he gets installed one way or the other.

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except this is what can happen....SCOTUS can cuck out and kick the ruling back to the appeal court. Then the cucks win

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you are wrong. He has been there plenty times

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correct. But we had the AG on our side for the most part and Trump could keep things in check with his presidential power. With that gone...the RINOs will turn rabid and theyll go hard after him

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maaaan..fuck you. Im just trying to enjoy my Thanksgiving. Jeff shouldnt have cucked out

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man...we have more than 10 people lol. Not trying to have them come over to our place

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