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There are naysayers on this site who say that Ted can't do anything. It's a total lie!

  1. Ted can write a bill. He can help pass it in the Senate.
  2. "But without the House, nothing will pass" is what every naysayer says next. But having a passed bill waiting on the House is perfect. Every flippable district can run on their opponent not supporting a bill that protects average citizens from corporate censorship. Senators in those states can help those same districts and mention how they already passed a bill that removes Twitter and Facebook protections.

In the last few decades, if somebody ignores the subpoena, nothing happens. I really hope that nobody shows up to Ted's hearing. FORCE THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE LAW TO ACTUALLY WRITE LAW!

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Have you never heard, especially during spending bill debates, that one side has already passed the bill that would fix the problem? They then campaign that if they only had the other side that their bill would have already passed. It's been done a million times. But asking a company to do something they legally don't have to, like answer a series of questions in a letter, is worthless.

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Ted Cruz has the power to WRITE LAW. If he posted an actual bill that he was trying to pass instead of YET ANOTHER letter to Twitter, Twitter might be more scared.

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I want to believe that, but there are so many liberals from the west coast moving here. Plus a surge of young, liberal-leaning kids from the mid-west who came here seeking jobs in the marijuana industry.

But there were also a handful of bad rioting incidents in Aurora that may have turned some people off of Biden.

Fingers crossed!

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If it's not illegal for the ATF to craft these rules, then Matt Gaetz can write a bill.

If it's illegal for the ATF to craft these rules, then Matt Gaetz can write the President to enforce the execution of the law.

A second letter to the ATF will do nothing. They got the first one.

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She honestly doesn't understand that the cops are there to protect her. With no cops and true lawlessness, she could be physically destroyed into submission.

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Fractions?! Heretic! Burn this man!

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I just realized that this cape must have said "Corona Destroyer" based upon the spacing (if a 'CO' were added before the 'RONA', the text would be centered over 'DESTROYER').

But then everybody would be saying she's a drunk, destroying all the Corona's.

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I've seen that phrase, too. Even lamer, "no trumpsters".

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I'm 100% certain that Biden's base absolutely loved it when he told President Trump to "shut up". That didn't scare off any of Biden's base.

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I'm on dating sites. As soon as I see that somebody has changed their profile name to "BLM" or has put #AnyInsaneLiberalHashtag in their profile, I immediate block them.

Ain't got time to dip into crazy.

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I noticed these on Google's maps. A new restaurant I want to try got put way down on the list (not off, but months away) because it listed itself as "woman owned". Yesterday I saw a restaurant that said "LGBT friendly". As a gay man, I thought WTF because my ex-husband and I went on a million billion dates and were never discriminated against. My personal belief is that these virtue signals are affecting reviews because you have to scroll past them before you can hit the "review" button.

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I love my roads and military. I also like my safety nets. It really sucks that we've gone overboard with a million other services. But on the whole, I don't mind income tax and don't see it as a fine.

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Not worth my time. Even if this had 100,000,000 signatures, the Republican Senators are going through with the the same schedule.

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"We have to move forward for the health of the nation" is a common phrase uttered shortly after an election. I've seen it time and time again. If by 2024 nobody significant is tried and jailed, I'm going to assume that we're all fucked. I will very likely cash out my retirement accounts and party with the rich until I can't no more.

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That is too close to the election. Judiciary votes on Oct 19th, Senate on October 20th. I absolutely promise the Democrats will do something to delay it past the election.

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My neighborhood had hundreds of Hillary signs last election. This year there are no Biden signs and one non-Trump sign that says "All options suck".

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Awesome! Thanks! I'll be digging through this all afternoon.

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