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First off, THIS IS NOT ILLEGAL. People constantly claim that doing this to money is ILLEGAL. It is not! As long as it does NOT render the note unusable it is fine to do this. Best thing about doing this is it can not be discarded by whoever it is given to as payment or change from a cash register. They will not throw it away and it forces them to read it at least twice, when they get it and when they use it next time imbedding the message into their brain like subliminal advertising. The idea is to wake people up and get them to think for themselves and get around the daily brainwashing imposed by the globalist and MSM and big tech on the internet. Always best to use 1’s, 5’s and 10’s. 20’s. 50’s, and 100’s just end up in the bank and people do not see them. So buy some stampers pedes and start stamping , stamping, stamping and drop some RED PILLS!

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Yes, Yes and Yes. It also is filled with leftist, lazy, blue haired, TDS level 10, shower once a week, pot smoking assclowns. But they are mostly Bernie Socialists and it seems they are not digging Sleepy Joe and Heels up. This time four years ago it was Hillary signs 5-1. If our GEOTUS keeps hammering Hiden Biden on 2A this state can be closer than the Dems won't believe.

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I obviously am voting for our geotus, but I would certainly vote for anyone of these before sleepy joe!! MAGA-KAG

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In Liberal Vermont. have not seen one anywhere. People still have their stupid BERNIE 2016 (didn't even switch them out for 2020) bumper stickers on their vehicles.

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Call Sirius-XM 1-866-635-5027 and tell them to fire his stupid ass. I signed up to Sirius because of him but after 2016 he has become a complete tool for the DNC and promoted hatred to Trump and his supporters every chance he gets. Ba Ba Fucktard

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Don't forget, bailing out the Amazon shipping service, I mean US Postal Service is also on their agenda for the fourth stimilus. The post office needs bailout before June-July 2020 of they may have to shutter service. Basically if he does not sign a bill the US Post Office is Screwed. GEOTUS hates the amazon deal with post office and may just let the whole thing disappear forever. Pay off pensions and give settlements to all current workers and Buh BYE. We can get all our boxes, physical mail through UPS, FEDEX and e-mail at this point anyway and we'll save 25 billion in loses every year. WINNING. Then there is no SERVICE for Crazy Nancy to CHEAT WITH. HAAAAAAAAAAA

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Print a copy of the constitution and stick it in your window and re-open. If you are near Vermont I will gladly let you cut my hair tomorrow. I own a small business that supports 4 people and I could care less since day one if I was "ESSENTIAL" or not in the opinion of the governer. It is essential to 4 people surviving. I have been open every day since the corona nonsense started 3 weeks ago. Just open and people will be at your doorstop tomorrow looking for haircuts.

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Executive Order time. Can not be mailed to anyone. Set up a distribution-pick up of these checks or cash at the local ICE office in any town, CA.

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WELCOME. All the Vermont Pedes are with you. We have to stick together around this part of the country. Plan a trip to NH when our GEOTUS is in town next. NH RALLIES ROCK!!