freespeech4all [S] 2 points ago

twitter literally censors BANS conservatives, and it happens on all platforms. Just moving platform to platform doesnt help

this trickles to other businesses too

Laura Loomer cant fuckin bank at Chase, paypal, ubereats. Sure she can use other shit, but what if they all follow suit and ban her? All because she exercises her first amendment rights. All those looters/rioters wont face those same consequences, GEE i wonder why?

freespeech4all [S] 1 point ago

i dont like it with generalized titles like this

its leftist shitholes on fire and they the most anti-American places.

LA, Minny, prob NYC, Chicago will fall in line

freespeech4all [S] 3 points ago


Farmers have been forced to dump their animals due to demand shortages.

But I guess they cant just switch to new suppliers.

freespeech4all [S] 1 point ago

Whats sad is Sessions is the better choice BUT he fucked up and showed he was spineless. People saw it too.

freespeech4all [S] 3 points ago

Vote RINO til they are primary’d

Still better than a Dem unless its Romney

freespeech4all [S] 10 points ago

Yet they dont

You post something and they’ll fact check you and say you’re lying

What kind of shit is that? And its leftist outlets fact checking you. Fuck that

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