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This is elder abuse.

I'm inclined to feel empathy, but after all those creepy stories I'm not so sure.

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Q2 would allow a crazy left candidate to have more apparent popularity. Consider this:

Candidate 1: Normal Massachusetts Democrat

Candidate 2: Left-of-Bernie commie anarchist

Candidate 3: Normal Massachusetts Republican

In MA #3 is already disproportionately low compared to #2. So, it allows #2 to potentially gain more votes, where in reality they should never have a chance. The rule cuts both ways, so, think about it, who is backing the money for it?? In MA it's not the GOP...

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Yes on Q1.

Big auto is backing 'no' because they want a monopoly on car repairs. They claim it's for privacy, but any repair shop, regardless if independent or dealership, would need you to consent to those types of electronics repair.

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It felt like an ETERNITY. I barely even heard Biden's mumbles. I legit thought he didn't answer and was searching for a response.

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The moderator went to Trump first on many questions, allowing Biden time to think of an answer.

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Wut. Who pays the mortgage? That kid wasn't yelled at enough.

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It must have taken a lot of soy to create that ad!

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