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The main difference being, the site rules aren't rigged against us here!s

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This is excellent.

There USED to be the potential for immediate consequences for your actions. Those have all been washed away, nowadays if some douchebag like this antifa fuckwit smashes your car with a giant piece of lumber, you're "supposed" to stop, call the police, wait for them to show up, MAYBE arrest the fuckwit (if they haven't bolted off by then), bring them in front of a liberal judge who will let them go with a slap on the wrist because "muh privilege", and boom we have this kind of stupid shit more and more.

Some antifa fuckwit decides to block traffic and then hit your car with a 2x4, we should have the right to exit the vehicle and pummel the shit out of them like this. You'll see those cuckold soyboys retreat back to their mom's basements in a real hurry.

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It's the same as always needing some fresh injection of "New (fake) poll shows a vast majority of Americans think orange man bad" or some shit like that.

It's why they need to censor and suppress support for President Trump. It's why they need to watch MSNPC nonstop to feed their habit. It's why every hoax hate-crime, failed investigation, debunked fake news article, and everything else that contradicts the 'narrative' is promptly memory-holed.

Ask the average leftist cuck today about the Mueller fiasco or about Russian meddling -- it's all they could talk about for over two fucking years, they were rabidly salivating on every little news leak about buying tickets to Trump's hanging.... but now? It's all fucking memory-holed.

Once this impeachment horseshit is over, they'll latch on to the next thing. My guess is "emoluments", or some new string of fraudster chicks will 'bravely come forward' alleging sexual assault or they'll just refocus on his taxes. More likely, the dems will get their hand caught in some cookie jar (again), and then start an investigation into Trump for attempting to do exactly what they were doing. You know, like spying and foreign election meddling and withholding aid for political favors and personal gain and everything else we know Dems have been doing but trying to pin on Trump.

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I understand there are people who want to 'stay and fight the fight' on Reddit. That's fine with me if they feel it necessary.

I deleted (via deactivate link) my account there with a few hundred Reddit coins and a couple hundred thousand karma because I was on a 3-day 'suspension' for mentioning CIARAMELLA when news of this site broke. I don't just come to browse shitposts and memes, I come for the community and to engage in all the jokes, conversation, speculation, theorizing, ideation, etc... in other words, for the 24x7 TRUMP RALLY.

This post lays out quite well why 'staying at Reddit' is a lost cause. The rules continue to be bastardized to nerf the community and slowly suffocate it. Everyone is already 'self-censoring' to some degree to avoid automatic banhammers applied both to individual accounts and threatened on the Dom itself. It is no longer as fun as it used to be, nor is it capable of reaching anyone outside of T_D anymore either. The voting is rigged, the user counts are rigged, the algorithms are rigged, the rules are rigged, even the CSS stylesheets are rigged.

All we really need is an automod now that submits a new post/link submitted to thedonald.win to T_D with the only comments being a link to here (and/or for the dissent plugin). That way those who only show up to T_D once every few weeks to catch up will be funneled over here and no one will be left behind.

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> The baby was reportedly born during the time Hunter Biden left his wife of more than 20 years and proceeded to date his brother's widow and the mother of his niece and nephew, Hallie Biden.

What a fucking degenerate family.

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Too late. Then again there wasn't a point to stay there, I only visited T_D anyway.

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Too late, already deleted/deactivated the Reddit account. Fuck that shithole.

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LOL the cucks at Reddit just suspended my account for 3 days because I mentioned CIARAMELLA:

Your account has been temporarily suspended from Reddit for posting or threatening to post personal information. Your suspension will last 3 day(s).

Link to reported content: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/dysgp4/comment/f8396ci

Posting someone's personal information or posting links to personal information is against Reddit’s rules. This includes links to public Facebook pages and screenshots of Facebook pages with the names still legible.

If your behavior improves, you shouldn’t hear from us again. If this behavior continues, further punitive action may be taken. You can learn more about how to avoid future suspensions by taking a look at our Content Policy.

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