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Exactly, except they wouldn't have to deal with it at all cause the media would cover their asses

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"Passes number of flu deaths last week"

Maybe title was fixed, it's comparing to flu from 1 week vs wuflu all-time

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Didn't recognize him without black face

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At least everyone has toilet paper for when shit does indeed get real, quality preparations

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Ok Schumer (of the Supreme-Court-threatening variety)

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Worst journalist of the year, Don Lemon (worst journalist of the year)?

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I'm just trying to comprehend how sleepy sleezy creepy Quid Pro JoePedo could possibly win a single state.... To be fair, California is a shithole state, but anyone actually watching JoePedo knows Geotus is the better option. JP should be in a nursing home for crying out loud

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You lying dog-faced cough cough ahhh reee

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Some people directed something...

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You... cmon you know the thing!

flipping_some_tables [S] 5 points ago *

True dat, except I don't think she'd wanna wait more than 3 days. Especially if she can just suicide him with double desert eagles to the nasal cavity.

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Snopes Fact Check: Mostly True

Estimates can be rounded anywhere within 10 orders of magnitude, this particular case is only 6 off, well within standard media error margins

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Sadly yes, the media will claim we're putting them "back in chains"

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