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If you don't understand that men have to do everything for themselves these days then you'll be perpetually disappointed.

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I'll wait, but there's not much to be done. People talked and word spread on one or the other.

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we'll see he picked sessions, wray, mattis, etc

who knows. I'm hoping maybe rushing gets in at the last moment

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Do you think Trump has personally reviewed her cases like Barnes has? Do you think if Trump did review them, he'd be able to understand them as well as a lawyer?

He gets his list from the federalist society and goes from there. Trump isn't a legal expert. He gets advice for the pick and Barnes is a hell of a lot better than any RINOs or swampers giving him advice.

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No it isn't. Lagoa is catholic too. But she hasn't said anything about judges recusing over religion or being in churches that speak tongues.

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lockdown order citing precedent that justified the japanese internments, generally favors state and corporations in cases, is not just christian but part of groups that speak tongues which is wacky as fuck for the vast majority of people

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you and a few of us will be like the one guy at the rally who raised his hand

oh well tougher battles to fight than this one

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I thought Trump already reduced/eliminated funding for PP this term? Unless you mean on a state by state basis?

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scott adams said trump is the most successful comedian of all time

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What "white" problems aren't being addressed? Immigration? Critical race theory? Affirmative action (Hello Yale)? Opioids?

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What were the crimes they committed though? For example, the president has complete authority to pardon whoever they want even if the recipient is a baby eater.

The reality is that either the authority of a given post must be constrained or the people need to do a better job with their political choices.

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