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That article is like 4 years old though. But good stuff.

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I think this recording is sufficient grounds to gitmo everyone on the call.

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No, it's just that he's a long time swamp monster spook and it's mind-boggling that Trump even considered him for the position.

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TD.win HR rep here. Upon review, we have determined that you should stop being a faggot!

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Barr was just seen aeriving at the WH minutes ago.


I for one am ready for Acting Attorney General Alex Jones to drain the swamp with great prejudice.

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What? You think he's sticking around after stabbing Trump in the back like that just now? Why else would he be at the WH?

You're fired!

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"Former Bush AG"

WTF else did anyone to know?

If Trump ends up failing here, I have to partially blame him for repeatedly making poor choices of staff for the most important positions.

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Joe Biden getting inaugurated was all part of the plan. He fell right into the trap! Sessions coming with them indictments yo.

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I mean, you can say "BOOM" but there still haven't been any states flipped.

Are we still on the jury box step?

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Financially, yes. But we are less free than ever, thanks to Democrat tyranny.

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Martial law would definitely be the cherry on top of the shit sundae known as 2020.

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No, it could not be true. It's always a colossal larp. FFS people, haven't y'all learned anything in 4 years?

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