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If any other country had elections where courting was stopped, 98% favouring one candidate ballots showed up in the middle of the night, opposing observers were denied entry, signature verification wasn’t allowed and so on, such election in foreign country won’t hold up to the US’s own state department scrutiny.

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These LARPers have gone from comedy to crazy fan fiction.

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Seeing the behaviour of Kemp and the SOS dude, this is exactly what I was thinking. I even think Stacey and Kemp etc are all in on it and know they all cheated but don’t want to expose each other.

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This is photoshopped.

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Send the this:



Here's a short break down of this:


Out of 8000+ precincts only four had massive spikes of votes overwhelmingly for Biden entered into electronic voting machines at almost the same time. What are the chances? Turns out the chances of Biden adding more than 100,000 votes with Trump adding almost no votes in a single instant in just one precinct is 1 in a billion occurrence. For Biden to add more than 100,000 votes at almost the same moment in the early morning hours of November 4th in four precincts the odds are greater than 1 in a 1000 trillion. Then, what are the chances that after Biden took lead, vote totals flattened out leaving Biden w/lead. They got a boiling cauldron out here that needs to be addressed.

Here's another good read:


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switch it off. Use Adblock on YouTube or play music!

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This is from Sidney's GA lawsuit filed 4 days ago.

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Papadopolous is the biggest LARP ever. He keeps making such statements and they never come to fruition.

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Yep. Search needs to be fixed. In the mean time, you can use this pattern on Google (I know I know. Might work on duck too):

site:thedonald.win search_term

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That was the very first thing I thought too. It's all just so weird. Also not sure why the new order doesn't include other counties especially Fulton County.

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False. Typical clickbait bs from Gateway pundit.

It was not DOJ. It was PA's AG's office there to intimidate her.

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fishyPussy 1 point 4 minutes ago +1 / -0 It was not DOJ. It was PA's AG's office there to intimidate her.

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