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Holy shit, they are actually talking about the law and not sideshow bullshit.

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He was on the Today show in NYC and Melania cracked a joke. Link below, starts around 7:15 or so.


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Spot on. He also wanted to get rid of the idea that Biden is a statesmen by getting him pissed off the entire time.

When Biden used his normal sob story about Beau Biden serving in Iraq, where he gets angry and most people back off, Trump told him to fuck off by calling Hunter a cokehead who got kicked out of the military. That wasn't an accident.

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Someone in Wyoming can't go to work with two other people but NYC's subway is still open. All these "experts" and none of them can wrap their head around the obvious.

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As a white man that runs 3 - 5 miles a day, I never knew how racist my exercise routine was to minorities.

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First sentence: "War against the Chinese Virus"