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Yeah, like how did they suddenly turn more blue than New Mexico and really vote for Biden by 14%!? I know some say Californians are fleeing to Colorado and that's why they were trending blue, but after this election there's no doubt about that now.

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Remember when that one poll from (I think) ABC News that had Biden winning Wisconsin right before the election by 17%? It still amazes me how you could possibly be that wrong. Like, how the FUCK do you not look in the mirror and realize your polling operations are an absolute failure and should just stop if you are off by 16-17% statewide in a state as populated as Wisconsin?

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The areas outside of NYC have been rapidly trending Republican. It's just NYC that's only allowing the overall state to trend to an extent

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Don't say it yet, they are not finished counting yet, only 85% of votes reported apparently even though it's been nearly 3 weeks since election day. Given what's been going on, those last 15% of votes are going to somehow go for Biden by like a 10-1 ratio, so that 15% off will drop, even if the 15% off will be more correct than what the final number will actually be.

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Said this in another post, there's been no bigger disappointment from what seemed like a MAGA fighter than this backstabber. Way to pay back that Trump endorsement that carried you to the governor's office in the first place, you traitor!

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Trump: Tries to protect the integrity of our elections by investigating claims of fraud before accepting the results


Obama: Spies on the Trump campaign in a deliberate attempt to give Hillary an advantage

Media: 'crickets'

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How I view it; win or lose, they'll riot. So if they're going to riot, we might as well win

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First thing that popped to my mind lol