eyerighteye [S] 4 points ago

I'd love to get a free pallet of bricks.

eyerighteye [S] 3 points ago

Got any board links? 4 or 8? Ask people to rally, give a rally point.

eyerighteye [S] -1 points ago

My experience at occupy was that it was more of a Ron Paul rally vibe. No commies I can remember. Not the same mindset at all.

Probably a reflection of my location, as I'm sure big cities had both views, but I just had to point out not all occupiers were lefties.

eyerighteye [S] 4 points ago

But muh alien invasion....

Will they still attempt blue beam?

eyerighteye [S] 7 points ago

Have you noticed lately more people are waking up?

This shit show is the wake up call for the heavy sleepers.

If you are already awake, just shut off the buzzer and get out of bed and get on with your day.

I think things are going quite well, all considered.

eyerighteye [S] 4 points ago

Cannot beat a Springfield in my humble opinion. The 911 in 9mm is next up on my wish list.

eyerighteye [S] 14 points ago

It only gets better the more time you put in.

Its hard to explain to people just how different it can be in a tiny unincorporated town. Nearest cop shop is two towns/ half hour away and has three guys, they don't work weekends. Are folks pro 2nd? Oh yes. Is there crime? Nope.

eyerighteye [S] 15 points ago

Appeal to her eco concerns, issues with commercial agriculture maybe?

Get a copy of Michael Phillips' Wholistic Orchard and just leave it laying around, see what happens if she starts flipping through it.

eyerighteye [S] 25 points ago

Don't dream, move.

Best decision we ever made. First few years were interesting, but eventually you find the rythm.

The America you seek exists, go find it.

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