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Fuck you. Learn some history; he saved the world. Hitler expected the British to call it a day after the French and Belgian collapse (Ribbentrop had assured him of this, which is why Hitler personally allowed the Dunkirk retreat; certain that this would soften the British resolve to fight on) and the British would have caved but for Churchill's resolve. If Britain had not fought on, Hitler would have easily overcome Russia (no bombing campaign against the homeland or fighting on two fronts), and thus would have been able to support the Japanese more substantially. The US would not have been able to do a thing to stop it.

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History will record him as one of the greats anyway... a Churchill, perhaps. Certainly, a man for the moment.

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The Florida panhandle slowly turning red on election night four years ago was a glorious thing to watch, as were the contorted faces on all the alphabet networks as they struggled to hide the inevitable. Not long now for a speedier repeat.

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I think Trump is doing pretty well in the debate / town-hall stakes. They make him look great, allow him to get his message out (even when he's being interrupted), and show-up the dems for the shower of shit they are.

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Thanks for that link; I was looking for a good finance/news site.

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So don't vote for him then.

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Better late than never. I hope the injection stings like a fucking bitch.

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Her/its mom and dad must weep in the dark of night.

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