dudeduderson 72 points ago

This just broke my fucking heart.

dudeduderson 6 points ago

I forgot about this...

Had to look it up and am glad I did.

Its unbelievable how short the parables are in the Bible, but the wisdom and knowledge are so profound its crazy.

dudeduderson 11 points ago

I said this when my sister kept saying " its good that theyre bringing Democrats onto Fox News since you get to hear both sides"

I was like its not "both sides" when one party will literally say anything, lie and make up batshit crazy conspiracy theories and only spew out propaganda talking points which have no basis in reality.

Its not " both sides"... Its basic conservatism vs insane lunatics or simply propagandista.

When has Juan on the five EVER said anything outside of the leftist talking points?

dudeduderson 30 points ago

In my experience, they always say southern strategy.... As if one guy, in one campaign switched the entire party on its head in the matter of a year

dudeduderson 4 points ago

They banned you because they don't want their NPC's realizing their ideas are contradictory.

This is what they're most afraid of

dudeduderson 2 points ago

The first thing I look for on every site I visit or every new online service I use is a 'dark theme'.

So much easier on the eyes and black pixels use less energy than white so you're saving on your energy bill too... probably like $0.10 a year lol but hey whatever.

dudeduderson 1 point ago

Really, well that's awesome.

Let's hope sooner rather than later just like Tesla

dudeduderson 9 points ago

Just making shit up to stoke racial hatred...


dudeduderson 2 points ago

When we win this civil war, Yuri will stand tall in Washington DC

dudeduderson 8 points ago

AND fight back with your wallets.

If you have a brokerage firm in CA or NY, get your money the FUCK OUT.

Here is a small list of brokerage firms outside of the hyper-liberal shithole states.

Brokerage firms:

Fidelity: Massachusetts

Vanguard: Pennsylvania

TDAmeritrade: Nebraska

TradeStation: Florida

Interactive Brokers: Connecticut

Ally Invest: Utah

Micro Investing Platforms:

RIZE - Virginia

Clink - Delaware

Stash - Maine

M1 - Illinois

Coinseed - Deleware

If you have any of these brokerage firms... you're giving hyper liberal shithole state governments your hard earned money.

Robinhood - CA

Acorns - CA

Charles Schwab - CA

eTrade - CA

Firstrade - NY

dudeduderson 2 points ago

So rioters are the good guys.

Parks are being used only for homeless people.

Actual peaceful protesters are trying to kill your grandma.

Their candidate has early stages of dementia.

They tear down George Washington statues but erect monuments to a 8 year prison, drug addicted, amateur porn, career criminal.

They think the world is going to end.

Political coups based on lies are good.

High taxes are good.

The economy being shut down is a good thing for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.

WHAT THE FUCK??? Who could still be a Democrat at this point?

dudeduderson 3 points ago

This image and situation reeks of soy

dudeduderson 2 points ago

I don't understand how so many corrupt, moral-less pieces of shit out there running the country.

Thank Trump for shining the light on these cockroaches

dudeduderson 13 points ago

Seriously the West has fallen.

Iran is repeating Democrat propaganda.... unreal.

dudeduderson 3 points ago

Jews aren't caucasians...

They aren't white

dudeduderson 18 points ago

Well legally, white is the term used for caucasians.

So she is right in the sense that she's not caucasian.

dudeduderson 7 points ago

Well.. to be fair, it could have been to charge to 'appease the mob' then drop because clearly we're adults and know exactly why the dude shot in the first place.

dudeduderson 1 point ago


These white leftists are white supremacists.

They believe they bear the white mans burden as they believe blacks and other minorities don't have their own agency to make their own decisions.

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