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Are these ballots associated with the Presidential election? Are these all Biden votes?

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It went from DC police (who obtained it from a warrant), who could not crack his laptop, to DC cyber unit, I have this all verified by a source within the investigation.

Next step the FBI took custody of it and got in.

They still have his laptop.

This is verified in the video.

I've since learned the name of the field office that has it now. Aa we speak.

I have spoken to someone who knows the Wheeler source and this source, the one within the DC police investigation, outlined everything. How it was covered up. Im talking names. How they did it, what threats where used, and his statements are backed up by public records that wouldn't mean anything if you didnt know to look for them.

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Much more than that.

Though that's key.

I validated Hershs entire story.

I validated that he has this source and that the evidence proving he has this source came out after the tape. This means it wasnt known so no one would hoax it. It's him.

I know his source has been reliable in the past.

I know that the forensic data matches what Hersh says.

I know that someone was threatening him like Hersh says.

I know others were involved, like Hersh says.

I know Hersh was right about the coverup and the lead players well before it was widely known.

Since then...

Laptop follows the pattern, I know exactly where it is now. I know the name of the building. I have spoken directly with the person who recorded Hersh. He told me the entire story. I know who his source was. It is incredible. I know what the server's password was. I know how the coverup played out.

I know who likely killed him.

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Delete what now? That was my comment. You're just a fucking moron.

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He thought it was Brazilian ju jujitsu injury you fucking clown.

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.... watch. The. Video. He didnt "suddenly discover it" you moron.

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They don't know and there are two growths. Watch the video?

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Watch the video it is easily confirmed false. They say his name and it is not cuckenstein.

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Completely ridiculous. Someone, probably his wife, had to be in is ear and calmed him down "Joe, reign it in, I'll put your flaccid cock in my mouth for a whole 10 seconds later tonight if you calm down".

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Why da cucumber taste better den da pickle

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That would be his heaven bro. He has to be paralyzed at a playground, watching the kids run around but powerless to rape them.

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