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I heard 60 everywhere else

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Cities have a high minority rate who cant do shit on their own, more reliance on public goods and services, colleges and large groups of dumb yet sympathetic younger people, etc. Cities just become liberal by nature of cities.

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If someone tells me to not forget my keys I'm not gonna think "forget my keys!" Wtf. Who told you this?

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It is basically SARS with HIVs receptor site ducktaped on.

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O thanks for the heads up let me put up my pre sliced bat I was gon.a have for dinner.

WTF go tell CHINESE people this lol.

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"The CDC desperately needs data. If someone is showing symptoms, they get tested. Period."

This is not true. My friend in Chicago is sick but can't get tested. They told him over 60 or has to have had exposure to a confirmed case. Dunno if this is nationally but ya, he's not a lefty and would not lie this was a throwaway statement he made not a political arguement or anything

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I believe Tara Reade. Believe women, not just at convenience. Biden must be immediately held accountable. #IBelieveTara

Yes this is a real tweet posted by some dumb black chick. Like, why? What basis do you have to believe this?

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That's it, they know something we don't. We wouldn't have a country left?

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Cruel and evil when it's done to me, ok when I do it to you. Because reasons.

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It's not that moron it's if we never pay anyone back we won't get future lending. God damn people are morons.

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It's telling me I can't r eww and it DUE TO my adblock. Why not post a summary? This shit gets stickied...

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Why did I read "exact reaction" as "erection"

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Let's rephrase that. You found out that you valued some people more than they valued you. Not a bad thing tbh. Unless you were just shitting on them and being obnoxious a difference in politics is not a reason to end an otherwise healthy relationship

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Probably more like 30, with u 10 saying "no opinion/not sure."

Who's that dumbass? Lol

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I fucking hate this expression. It's as dumb as people automatically dismissing corruption or anything shady the powers that be with a misunderstanding of occums razor.

EX. O come on man... Do you really believe Trump was set up by the FBI. CIA, media, Ukraine, the DNC, and more? Or did he just collude with Russia. Which theory has less assumptions? The problem is, reality doesn't give a fuck about your cute little sayings. The former was reality and it requires a whole hell of a lot more assumptions.

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Grow up and chill out. French people, Europeans in general, smell like ass compared to Americans. They just do not have as good of personal hygiene. So sorry. I lived in England for 5 years it was gross. Ome time the water went out for three days and no one else cared about it, we bitched to the company about not being able to shower. Their response? "You Americans and your showers..."

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