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This is the “white lash” dude.

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Where dafuq do these fools think all of the plastics, roads, lubricants and rubber come from?

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Data breach/leak results for the string "sinohawk". These forensically tie sinohawk to China. Many of these domains are exclusively Chinese. The Chinese IP is particularly strong.

This is for those that call this a "conspiracy theory". It's as real as it comes.

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It's hard to hide from a 47 year career. Just 5 years ago it was a badge of honor to be in politics so long, now it's becoming a stain. Good for us.

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Allow me clarify why I said this, no red blooded American trusts the FBI right now. By making copies before handing these over you will be forcing the FBI to do their fucking job for once. If the FBI loses it or slow walks it, you have all you need to effectively prosecute the FBI itself.

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VOTE VOTE VOTE - Get your pede asses out there and vote!

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Watched in full.. she hammers on liberal positions and ignores valid points provided by POTUS.

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The Ministry of Truth will have a problem with this.

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Combination of things really - packet sequence, endpoint fingerprinting, temporal correlation, implants, humint and sigint, back doors in infrastructure and more. Not for nothing but Iran quite often doesn’t really hide behind VPN. They’re pretty brazen about things. I’ve seen it first hand. Now the real question, do you trust the Feds to be truthful and accurate - I surely do not.

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I hope they show up so I can show them my growing gun collection, in Minecraft of course.

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