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There is no other site like this one. There is no other group, no other community, like ours.

You guys are terrific. No need to apologize. But thanks for letting us know what happened.

MAGA on.

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Democratic socialism is SOCIALISM, with a government of hierarchical and collective councils.

That is the real definition.

The only difference is you have a council instead of a single authoritarian leader.

But if my freedom is being taken away, what difference does it make if a dictator is doing it or a council.

But it gets more interesting.

The word SOVIET, in Soviet Union, means council. It refers to the working class councils that created that nation.

So, in reality, the Soviet Union mostly fits into the definition of democratic socialism, except that they had leaders like Stalin.

It seems like use of the term “democratic socialism” is just rebranding by the Marxists, putting shine on a turd.

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It is far worse than that.

The Department of Health is part of the executive branch. The President is the head of the executive branch. Therefore, the President is the final authority on how the government deals with this public health crisis.

Twitter is interfering with the ability of the government to deal with an unprecedented public health crisis during a declared national emergency. They are usurping the power of the government to protect the people.

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I’m not too far from there. Might have to take a trip down tomorrow if he is still there.

I wonder if there are still people there this late. :)

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Everyone should check their voter registration status and make they are registered at the correct address.


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They can denounce it all they want. They are a convenient scapegoat to use against Trump, and our movement.

They need to start SUING these leftist media outlets.

It is ironic. Before the Jews were mass murdered, they were simply used as scapegoats for Germany’s problems.

The leftist media is doing this to conservatives. They even have their own versions of the brown shirts, called ANTIFA.

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Joe Biden has the worst record of any politician in the country, on race.

The guy advocated, on the floor of congress, for schooll segregation.

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Some of them aren’t stupid, but many of them lie and say idiotic things intentionally, because they know that brainwashed dem voters will believe them.

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This is ridiculous, but in the end it doesn’t matter.

People have to realize that Trump is just getting warmed up in the first debate. It was just his opening salvo.

On the other hand, the first debate represents the absolute best that Sleepy Joe could muster.

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Well, he has do something to avoid acknowledging the MASSIVE corruption of himself and his family.

It is plain as day that he used his position for profit. But he let his family do the grifting in his place. This is precisely the type of filth that got Trump elected. Unfortunately, he’s far from alone.

It is so ironic that the media wants to focus on Trump’s tax returns when the DC establishment has enriched themselves to an incredible degree, while failing to represent the people.

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Somebody needs to start calling out and labeling what these democrats are doing with COVID.

It is political opportunism. Shameless and ruthless.

They don’t care about saving lives, they care about taking advantage of the situation in order to get back in power.

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“...and if we make sacrifices to the god of renewable energy they will just stop forever.”

Bunch of freakin witch doctors and shaman.

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Wow. Did he really say that?


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I really don’t understand how Biden can actually campaign on raising the corporate tax rate. I bet other countries, who want to take that business away from the USA, would love that.

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Seriously. Go to https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote to check and make sure your registration, including address, is correct.

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There is another video from a different perspective that starts several seconds earlier.

The car door is open and nobody seems to be touching the vehicle. The car is mostly surrounded but could probably have backed up safely.

Then the car suddenly takes off very quickly and plows into a large number of people.

No slow wind up. No horn honk.

The car stops for a second after hitting a bunch of people, then takes off again, just as quickly even though are now a bunch of people stacked in front of the car, who cannot move. Then more people get hit and dragged in front of the car or run over.

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I don’t believe that. I used to work for a public employees’ union.

Yes, it takes a long time to fire someone, but if the administration wants to get rid of them, and they have evidence of misconduct, eventually it will happen.

Edit: Like I said, I used to work for a public sector union. And the process of someone being fired can be long and complicated. If someone gets in trouble, they are often given a desk job or some kind of crap duty where they can be isolated.

It is the union’s job to save their job. But I’ve seen first hand how often the Union fails.

What often happens is that the person gets their “contract terminated.” But the Union gets a deal where their evaluation record gets scrubbed, so that they can go get another job in another district.

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I don’t believe there is systematic, institutional racism in the police forces. That facts disprove it. But if you do believe that, why are you going after the cop on the street.

Yes, it is possible (but extremely unlikely) for a cop to be racist, or corrupt. Yes, if a cop commits a crime, they should be held accountable.

But even a “racist” cop has to do his job and obey his boss, or he’ll be fired, just like everyone else.

But if you believe that there is institutional racism, who sets is the cop’s boss? Who sets the standards of training and accountability? Who makes the laws and policies?

It is the people in power who bear the ultimate responsibility.

In the case of the coties where these incidents occur: it is dem politicians that are in power!

But these same politicians are partnering with BLM and excusing and enabling ANTIFA. These politicians are agreeing with the mob when they say “defund the police“ and “the racist cops are killing black youth.”

It is beyond irony! It is a sick, twisted joke! It is a diabolical, destructive prank that has been perpetrated on our country!

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This is insane. The government says it violates free speech?!

They don’t give a crap when these tech giants act like our overlords!

Our free speech was demolished on Reddit!!!

And how in the world does a judge get to determine matters of national security? That is a violation of the Constitution! The President has a Constitutional duty to protect the country.

Free speech is vitally important, but we are talking about an online platform that can be monitored and controlled by a hostile foreign power!

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Wow, all these fools in an uproar over the Supreme Court. My job was directly and negatively affected by a recent Supreme Court decision. But life goes on.


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