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I wonder if Based pillow merchant is making those masks out of that giza cotton i keep hearing about

davidmode [S] 69 points ago

"Look at all these rich people... using their businesses to "help" the country in time of need... their money would be much better spent by liquidating all their assets and just cutting checks to poor people."

  • Bernie Bro, probably
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Trump got people excited about politics and taking our country back, which is why we fly flags, wear hats and attend rallies. We're passionate about him

the left was only passionate about Obama before each election. After he was elected majority of them went back to not giving a flying fuck what he was doing. Hence why most Obama drones can barely mention a single thing he did in office besides ACA and ObamaPhones

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grown ass liberal men acting like petulant children? imagine my shock.

davidmode [S] 13 points ago

Looting my house means youll be on liveleak the following morning

davidmode [S] 4 points ago

And if you disagree with this horseshit, its "muh voter suppression"

davidmode [S] 5 points ago

hope can't be substantiated you fucking retards... hope is for the future while substantiation requires something to already have happened

unsubstantiated: not substantiated; unproved or unverified

hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation : to want something to happen or be true

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If Melania was a democrat in the white house, the left would be tripping over themselves to sniff so much as to one of her farts. she'd be on every magazine, every tv show, every website, every thing possible.

the left LOVES people with accents, so much so that they employ them as their late night funny men, which so happens to be where they get their news as well.

davidmode [S] 8 points ago

any "good idea" that can't hold up to a modicum of criticism, wasn't really a good idea in the first place...

this is why the left refuses to debate. weak ideas.

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thankfully, most wikifaggots are opposing the change in the discussion section... but it wont matter, they will either change it regardless, or wait a week and then change it when everyones forgotten about it.

i wouldnt worry, only leftists cite wikipedia as a credible source.


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Here's a few

American Giant (Great sweatshirts and other clothes) https://www.american-giant.com/

Danner Boots (made in usa collection) https://www.danner.com/men/usa-made

Flint & Tinder (most made in USA) https://huckberry.com/flint-and-tinder

Redwing Boots https://www.redwingheritage.com/

Black Rifle Coffee https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/

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ive been saying this for years... a filter for Made in USA products

davidmode [S] 2 points ago

got mine a couple days ago as well

welcome to the club

davidmode [S] 3 points ago

Would be fun if the left started calling her a russian asset...

davidmode [S] 1 point ago

socialist bitching about doing his job... shocker.

davidmode [S] 29 points ago

trump has been saying for YEARS that we need to get away from chinese dependence... when all this is said and done, those who STILL do not get on the america first train should be cast aside like the fucktards they are.

davidmode [S] 8 points ago

welcome aboard dude, here's youre complimentary coat

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