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I don't think Joe was joking. I think he was genuinely enraged that his hand picked Air Force Academy Cadet wasn't being worshipped.

She is the one who introduced him.

Wasn't Hunter put into the Naval Academy in the same way?

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*67 blocks your number if you enter it in front of the number

they also have an extension system, couldn't find a working extension before they disconnected me thou πŸ˜‚

got an invalid PIN response too, so they have a remote voicemail system as well.

*8 is a name directory

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Stuff like this should be centralized then pushed out to all the embassy youtube channels, instead of being only shown at one location. It makes more sense to try to sell US products globally and not just in Mumbai.

Obama & Clinton were idiots who tried to turn several Embassies into a TV studio environment. Ukraine is another example as you may already have heard.

They are paying several people at each embassy to make their own content which nobody really ever sees. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

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