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I love his savagery! That’s my president

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Reagan was by far my favorite president prior to Trump but now after seeing Trump literally getting dealt a rigged election and him continuing to fight for all of us and the forgotten men and women. Trump is officially my favorite president ever. Also fuck commies

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Maybe but that can be a good test! If it’s a huge game changer then not sure how any judge would refuse it unless they are paid off or hacks lol

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Not sure if she’s laughing because it’s a coincidence or not lol

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Remember also that in order to start a lawsuit all you need is allegations and some probable cause! All her evidence might not be in the lawsuit until court hearings

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Dumbasses like her piss me off so much

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there was a guy named steve 20 min ago and he destroyed the dems. HE WITNESSED INTERNET BEING CONNECTED TO THE TABULATORS

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