dachshundguy 64 points ago +67 / -3

I’m not expecting anything earth shattering for us on TD daily. This will be for the uninformed norms

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As Bannon has said all along, we just need one state to start it and the other dominoes will follow. Pennsylvania is that first domino

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And did they discover any ballots were counterfeit? I think this should immediately be released and arrests made. I’m so sick of the long game on some issues.

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Cuz America voted for plastic looking snakes?

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My wife and I are trying so hard to not buy Amazon or Walmart this past month. We are struggling in suburbia. We will take any advice of where to shop. Everything seems corporate out here

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That doesn’t account for the amount of fraud you see. A very small percentage might same day register. That doesn’t even account for the insane thought that you have 100% turnout especially with Sleepy Joe as your candidate. Australia requires you to vote by law or you are fined and they only get 90 percent turnout.

So don’t try to make excuses for their cheating and repeat the lies they tell. Call them out for their bullshit.

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Oh it happened in 2016. They didn’t know how much they needed to cheat and misjudged Trump

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Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump them up

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Still confused how Fox News ever was liked after they hired Donna Brazille. That never has been excused or explained

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Don’t get three strokes. If you show you’re compromised then you can’t ever be trusted

dachshundguy 60 points ago +63 / -3

She’s the most beautiful American woman patriot I’ve ever seen and it has nothing to do with looks.

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If you don’t think they will, you’ve not been paying attention

dachshundguy 3 points ago +3 / -0

Because they don’t understand that TD is the news. We know before they announce it. These things are more for the under informed.

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