Netanyahu is our biggest ally in the middle east. Hong Kongers are dying in the streets holding American flags, singing the US national anthem, supporting Trump. Why am I banned for supporting them? I request a review of the discord moderatorship.


5 posts per day? I can't post memes anymore? What's the point of reddit now? I'm done.


Got a long history on Reddit with posts in a bunch of subs!? SHREDDIT!!! Help destroy Reddit by using Shreddit to alter and delete your old posts. This leaves conversations all over reddit half-deleted and lowers the value of their content. DO IT! FUCK REDDIT!!!


Is it possible to have more subs here? I want to run the Bonsai sub. They kicked me out on Reddit because I opposed net neutrality!


Does anyone know how to make the betterreddit browser plugin work on this site?


How does this work?