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This... What Barr said is a technically correct appraisal of the Ctrl-Left... Barr, the only way through this is to hold them all accountable, don't let one of them escape... Go as high and as deep as required to cut these cancers out of the system, even if they're running for office (Biden, Powers), previous presidents like Obama, or other shills like Holder, Yates, Brennan, Comey, etc, and other cucks like Soros and co. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION BARR! If they are not held accountable, this shit will only get worse... And they're "pretty bad" now.

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You said what I was going to say... Only better. I agree with you fully!

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I bet she had a 🌯 in there.

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I bet a burrito the dog's still standing :)

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Thoughts and prayers heading to you and your daughter! It looks like you have lots of advice and thoughts and prayers from the comments on your thread here!

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It has electrolytes and certainly serves a purpose! But, I wouldn't say it tastes amazing :)

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My face hurts from smiling and laughing to this... Good game sir, good game! Watched it all, loved the ending!

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Same! That and the related epic photo stance he takes to make the shot!

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This line has to be in the movie... And mad respect to these Pedes!!

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I'd bet a paycheck that if the Chad gets a lawyer, the Chad wins 10 out of 10 times. I'm not a lawyer, but the soys were a unit, and they assaulted him. That's super clear, beyond a reasonable doubt. Upon closing to contact, the soy dude presents the logical main threat, especially if he squared off to the Chad. I'd say he's 100% legal.

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This. That was the epic moment. Then he popped the epic photo bomb stance... "Haha look at your face." And, I think you should press charges btw.

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Trump should invite fauxi too, then say "hey Cuck - I think she had some questions for you!" Then just let her destroy fauxi.

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