codewarrior2007 [S] 4 points ago

Thank you for everything you do!

codewarrior2007 [S] 4 points ago

I have been out of a job for 2 months now. This is only going to make it harder to find a new one.

codewarrior2007 [S] 2 points ago

This is what I needed to see. Sounds like “no”.

Thank you!

codewarrior2007 [S] 4 points ago

The value for China is off by a factor of 1000x.

China lies. China is asshoe.

codewarrior2007 [S] 7 points ago

I’ve never seen a thin person drink a Diet Coke.

codewarrior2007 [S] 10 points ago

I’ve been calling it Wu Flu since January.

I think China lied and has not disclosed just how many cases there were in an effort to undermine western culture.

codewarrior2007 [S] 4 points ago

I got white on white in hot list, but opened text post looks fine.

iPhone XS iOS 13.3.1 Brave

codewarrior2007 [S] 1 point ago

new, bigger "expand embed" icons (different for images/videos/tweets/text)

Thank you!!!

codewarrior2007 [S] 3 points ago

Now I have to stay logged in. I want bigger buttons on mobile, not smaller ones.

codewarrior2007 [S] 6 points ago (edited)

It will look like this. Notice the i. at the beginning.


This is a little easier with maga.host

codewarrior2007 [S] 16 points ago

I’m actively seeking a software job, and I can tell you that at least 90% of tech jobs and recruiters are foreigners, and they are not smarter. They are all about quantity over quality, get people into a lousy job as fast as possible.

I 100% support ending H1-B program and sending everybody back.

codewarrior2007 [S] 4 points ago

You gotta find what works for you. The undershirt helps a lot in summer to reduce sweating, at least for me, and it does make the holster more comfortable.

codewarrior2007 [S] 2 points ago

I would get the TX license as soon as possible, especially if he is planning on staying.

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