About 2 months ago, Rioters burned down 2 banks in La Mesa and also a historical building. Not happening this time, after word of planned "protests", counter protesters have gathered in force and now outnumber BLM. Roughly 200 BLM, 600+ patriots. Twitter is going nuts, it's trending at the moment and the snowflakes are scared of nazis in bullet proof vests.

Here are some images of patriots defending property.

Keep in mind this is in CALI, this shows you where the election is really going. If you want to see the left panic, read the comments here -


I remember the last time this happened BLM trashed La Mesa, the residents have spoken and it's clear that will NOT happen again. While this is a RED district in San Diego, it's a clear sign of people not taking this shit anymore across the US.


Not a new user here, I forgot my username and pass and found the site to be suddenly restricted today for obvious reasons. Last night I was thinking about the current political climate and how it contrasted to pre-WW2 sentiments towards the jewish community. I don't have a ton of historical knowledge on the events that lead to WW2 and the actions taken against the jewish communities, but from what I do know there were a series of anti-jewish actions taken on a race basis before and during the WW2 period that lead to discrimination against jewish people in general. This was similar to a demoralization campaign being waged against whites today.

For instance,

  • The Law Against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.
  • The mentioning of Jewish holidays in official and business calendars is prohibited.
  • Jewish businesses are prohibited from displaying Christian symbols at Christmas.
  • The following organizations expel their Jewish members: German teachers’ associations, gymnastic and sports associations, the Association of German Blind Academics, the German Chess League, the Reich League of German Authors, and singing associations.
  • When sending a telegram by phone, it is prohibited to use Jewish names for spelling.
  • The German Boxing Association expels its Jewish members and will not work with Jewish entrepreneurs to organize events.
  • Jewish temples, statues and religious were destroyed

Now, I know that jews are NOT a race, (Although this can be disputed with Israel now being a race/nation) rather a religion, but they were treated in a similar manor to how races are.

I don't see the events of WW2 playing out, but history does repeat itself and you can relate some of the actions that happened during this period to actions of today. I am interested in the historical overlap between pre-WW2 and today's war on whiteness.

Are there parallels between what happened then and lead to conflict. You could argue that the media is pushing a dangerous agenda that could lead to a new wave of race conflicts and potentially a civil war. Love to hear your thoughts. I personally believe we are heading towards a civil conflict over this. I think the main difference here, for now at least, is the race being persecuted here have all the weapons and still control major points in the government at least for now, and the left is focused on racial issues while the right is focused on freedom itself. Also, a majority of the right still has something to lose but we are fighting an enemy with mostly nothing to lose at the lower levels.

As a followup, Here are some of the actions meant to pick one race against another,

  • Brands removing mentions of white, fair, or anything in that nature
  • Statues are being destroyed
  • Social media is restricting the speech of masses, reguardless of race but on the basis of race primarily.
  • Race based organizations are forming, but are prohibited or frowned on if they are on the basis of being white.
  • Holidays are being modified or changed based on racial context.
  • Affirmative Action and other race based programs are being instituted at universities...AGAIN after failing.
  • Associations are purging members based on racial opinions outside of work.

If anyone has any unbiased information on what lead to the racism towards the jews before WW2 and how that relates to the situation today, I would love to hear your feedback.