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They literally are burning down buildings, assaulting police / random people, but when a bunch of patriots show up unarmed with bullet proof vests they call it a day HAHAHAHA

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This is what we need to see nation wide for this shit to end. People were super fed up because in May when BLM went on a arson and looting spree.

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LOL right, masks don't stop the spread in OR out. Most of the masks being worn don't provide anywhere near 1 micron filtration. This should have been clear during the initial outbreak in china when doctors in full PPE where being infected left and right. You are no better off with a rag on your head, even a N95 may not provide any protection what so ever. N99 may help or custom designed MERV16 masks, but without full isolation suits your pretty much screwed if you are in close contact with someone with COVID. The good news, is it doesn't matter since most people exhibit no symptoms what so ever and we have clearly effective treatments in place as evidenced by the plummet in fatality rate.

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Here is a more recent tweet of a flash point, which recently turned violent from the BLM side. Numbers are growing on both sides, but what is not shown here is many separate groups surrounding local businesses across La Mesa to protect them.


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How does that play out though, with the chips where they are today? I am assuming without our guns we would prob be toast by now, so I am assuming the next major democratic president will push aggressively for anti-gun laws.