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I put $2000 in trust in him when the economy collapsed a few months ago. I now have $4000.

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Why would you say that? He and I both thought it couldn't happen. Now he and his wife are fighting it. One of the youth directors who is on his 20s caught it and he had a liver transplant before and he will likely die. They believe the kids spread it.

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If he was still AG, he would still not investigate the Deep State. He's a RINO who needs to never be in government.

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Did he fake it or believe he really had it? His symptoms were real.

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Yes. That's what reservations are about and why you must take a blood test or prove your heritage to be a tribe member. You lose it based on your dna percentage.

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They're trust s. The US government owns the land and why Natives are not allowed to own property

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This has been going on for decades. They need to make it retroactive. But there's no way in hell the Democrats will pass this on the House.

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This is exactly what those who warned us about hate crime laws said when they said they'd be used against political speech.

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