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You should let her know that she should get her news here, first.

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They did conquer every institution, INCLUDING THE RIGHT.

This is why the Right doesn't act like the Right.

We don't have a REAL Right wing party.

It's like this all over the world.

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Hey it would be a big job, but you should do this comic like transcript for the entire debate!

Maybe that's too crazy, but make more of these exactly like this and I'll spam the hell out of twitter with them.

Heck I'll petition Q to mention them, if I'm able. He's quoted me once before.

This cuts right through the hard to hear arguing and shows exactly what Trump said. Keep it up!!

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And they do the exact opposite to Trump. All his routine checkups are a constitutional crisis.

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Except a drug test?

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I'm old enough to remember when Reddit's communist algorithm broke for a few hours and it was literally a parade of alpha Trump for HOURS on the front page!

Man, I wonder if the way back machine has that archived.


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