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They are not media. They are an integral arm of intelligence agencies.

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Yup. Massive election fraud = you are NOT represented = you do NOT pay your taxes.

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This is truly incredible. This is beyond enemies. These people are predators trying to feed on you and your children.

It's the only way their behavior makes sense. They see you and your children as meat to feed on.

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When you think about it, it all makes sense. The US is the most powerful country in the world, so OBVIOUSLY, people will do ANYTHING to control it.

They over-extended their hand here and showed us who they are.

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It's almost as if there was a reason certain people weren't allowed to vote in days past. Almost as if our forefathers knew what the fuck they were doing.

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yea, women by their very nature, are caregivers, not conquerors.

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Voting is the only weapon a citizen have. If you take it away or dilute it, then nothing matters anymore. No government agency and no law matters.

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Freedom never looked so beautiful.

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