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I believe they worked with Medtronic to develop them, but basically yes, they shifted production like our Pillow Man but one gets love and the other gets smack talked.

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Of all the reasons to hate Schwarzenegger he got freaked out enough to actually try and get some disaster planning in place.

Fucking Moonbeam gave us a disaster of a high speed rail money suck instead, I hate all our Governors.

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Yeah, she's an opportunist...granted, she's on our side most of the time, but I don't true any politician, especially someone young who decided this is their entire career now. Smells swampy.

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Sorry to hear, I hope we get this economy turned back on soon and you can be back in a job, even if it's not the same one as before.

I think volunteering for DJT would be fantastic and to be honest, a great networking opportunity. Meeting like minded Americans who value hard work will always lead to something good, I'm hoping things turn around for you quickly.

Take care and be safe.

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I'm sure James O'Keefe is confused at his next move is with all this Biden undercover footage that's nowhere near as bad as the stuff he puts out for real LMAO

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Wonder how white knight loverboy Tim Poole feels about this.

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So her claim to fame is being NYT's first editorial writer, so nothing but opinionated nonsense instead of true journalism.

She's also penned articles saying "Biden's Best Bleeping Week" and "Biden Is No Longer Toast" and "Looking For The Perfect Trump Antidote"

OK Gail, go fuck yourself and move to Iran, China or a country that loves Trump like Poland, Korea or Vietnam and see how far that opinion of yours goes.

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I'm asian and i think it's fu-king funny.

Get over it bitch, probably gets mad when someone says "oriental rug" too.

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I've been in web production for a while, you guys are legit running a solid ship and I'm proud to be shiposting here.

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Every downvote this post gets only confirms this.


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