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Asian with a psych degree...she'd get kicked out of my family in a heartbeat. My asian parents only cared about STEM.

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"Well that's your Father's Day present." LMAO

Its funny because he still has his Dad in his life.

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Can you imagine if this was a Stacey Abrams statue? Earth would be swallowed by the black hole created from this cosmic event.

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Right after they go after Robert Creamer.

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I grew up a while ago. I was a minority, but so were the others. Guess what, kids make fun of everything, white people got called names, black kids and Asian kids too.

But guess who ended up at the top of the class? The kids who parents pushed them. Didn't matter the color, grades were grades. If your family was invested in you, you at least didn't become a complete fuck up if you had a brain

Didn't have to be smart to be good, athletes with good families nurtured them too.

Everyone has it bad growing up. You just gotta want to live better.

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It looks like Justin Trudeau but these guys are actually soldiers wearing face paint.

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Sometimes they're unknowingly spies. They might have a relative that needs them to do something, or maybe the CCP is tracking them via spyware.

Don't think for a moment CCP hasn't thought of a thousand different ways to get the same thing. Their intelligence apparatus is larger than you can imagine...there's more agents for the ministry in CA than FBI agents in CA, where we have a lot of tech, biotech and military.

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Fatigue guy could probably find a way to kill me a different way everyday for a year but dude needs to find some more slimming clothes. Or just slim down.

GEOTUS though, I know he's wearing body armor too and still fucking looks bad ass. Dumb ass Nancy Pelosi thinks he's morbidly obese, fucking Botox leaking into her brain is more like it.

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A technique that's not approved because it'll kill the person. A technique that when good cops accidentally do it, they move pretty quickly to stop doing it.

This cop wasn't alone either. They should've said something because you know they fucking noticed.

His knee was on his neck for fucking 8 minutes. A minute, ok maybe I'll give him that if he's alone or just with one other officer who could be making the scene safe but shit, dude fucking killed the guy.

Maybe he didn't want to, intend to, who the fuck knows but he killed him. Dude wouldn't be dead if they just restrained him with cuffs or zip ties and placed him in the cruiser.

I don't think this is a black vs. white or cop vs. civilian thing...it's a fucking sloppy ass cop who should've been corrected years ago.

If I fuck up at work, maybe my client spends more on an ad campaign than they wanted to but nobody fucking died.

Cops should be held to a high standard and most care enough to be good cops. Fuckers like this though, the damn worse.

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That's literally every fucking democratic appointee in existence.

For fucks sake, Los Angeles has a PH.D in social welfare and their health officer. Not a fucking real doctor. And she sent all the Covid patients to nursing homes and killed thousands of Americans.

Fuck Democrats.

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Get a semi-auto, I have revolvers and they're for backup to my semi.

Get some at home dry-fire aids and spend time with your weapon. It may seem awkward and foreign at first but after a few days you'll be good.

This is a tool to save your family or your life one day. Learn to operate it, clean it, disassemble it and put it back together.

I'm sure you've mastered much more complicated skills, understanding your gun and knowing how it works should be easy and take only a week or two of serious YouTube video watching and dry fire training.

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Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it at all.

Take a couple of classes and if you have a gun friend, let them spend time with you, an unloaded weapon and a few snap caps so you can learn how they work.

It's a few basic fundamentals and you could then at least know to make any gun safe. And by that I mean unloading and clearing a gun, which all gun owners should know

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They won't even get into my block. I've got our entrance covered along with at least 3 other families on my street alone and I live in Southern CA, so there's a lot of us. And I know a handful of other guys on the other side that would probably team up with their neighbors and do the same.

Bring it and get fucked by the 10% of us who know our neighborhoods best and will fuck your incel asses until you cry for your Mommy to come and save your pussy ass.

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Fuck the damn democrats who keep on trying to destroy what was built by those with more bravery in their fingertips than they do in their fucking "woke" fat tranny asses.


But to those who didn't struggle to achieve it, they'll never know what it took to get us here.

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