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Ooh, I've been going here since qmap.pub got shut down: https://qanon.pub/

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They knocked, but I agree on the no knock thing.

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Ahhh, that makes sense. I was wondering how we got away with deporting cucks, good to know we're fucking MAGA and only MAGA up in this bitch!

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Used to require 60 votes but Harry Reid, a Democrat, changed senate rules to simple majority so now we only need 50+1 votes, which we have because VP Pence will be the tiebreaker is needed.

Democrats did this to themselves.

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I agree but sometimes there isn't an easy way without using a specific app or computer program.

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Totally died when we left the Paris Peace Accords.

Then died again after NAFTA was replaced by USMCA.

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seriously, this shit pisses me off.

someone should take her to court and make her burn through all that fucking "free money" with their own set of accusations

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You're not alone friend, but if you have someone you can open up to in person, please try to.

These battles are hard to fight on our own, I believe you can do it, but having friends that can help will make it so much better.

Do you have a hobby you like? Something to keep your mind busy? Please do it and remember we love you.

Take care friend and be well.

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One is a supermodel and the others are supercunts.

I'll stick with our supermodel.

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Doctor said I'm low risk based on age, no symptoms and no underlying conditions but I countered that I'm worried I won't have access to HCQ by my primary care physician if I do contract Covid and that I'm at high risk because my wife is an essential worker, making me high risk to getting it due to her daily exposure to the public.

The essential worker line is what sealed the deal and instantly got me the prescription. Call took no more than 3 minutes, pretty quick and easy.

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What a cuck faggot LMAO. So damn cringe.

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Scheduled appointment online, got a call same day in the evening. Next day got a call from the pharmacy (I chose to have the prescription sent to me), they shipped it same day and got it the next. So pretty much 2 days from when I setup the appointment online. Pretty fast.

Edit: I'm in California, in case you were wondering.

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He's not wrong but fuck this guy, only the Sheriff because he was vote harvested in.

Listened to him on the radio yesterday and he said George Floyd was murdered. Then said his Deputies were being targeted by cowards.

He's the absolute worst, needs to get voted out so a real sheriff who allows CCW permits could be elected.

Fuck this guy.

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