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Tacking to the top... Here is the recap (so far)

  • The Judge read the entire amicus brief (from the person he asked be appointed to represent him)
  • The Judge wants to find a way (anyway) to proceed with a conviction on his own
  • The Judge is a sexist scumbag who mistreats Sidney Powell at any chance (barely even refer to her by her given name)
  • When Sidney Powell did get her chance; the Judge drilled her about any/all contact with the president and was trying to "investigate" for improrpriety
  • Sidney Powell made a motion of recusal; Judge Fuckface invited it; Powell said she'll file it right now
  • The Judge wants to find any way to delay this process
  • The Judge specifically was asking about preserving the case (dismissing without prejudice) so that "a prosecutor or a new Attorney General can pursue these charges in the future"
  • He questions the President's tweets, but doesn't know how Twitter even works
  • He's looking for any possible way to infer or imply the President has influenced the DOJ to take this action (he's asked various lines of questions along this same line for nearly 2 hours).
  • The DOJ reps have iterated, reiterated, and emphasize this... "They can't support the prosecution because of major problems with the evidence presented".
  • As soon as the defense filed a motion to remove the plea, the DOJ tried to figure out how to move forward with a prosecution and they couldn't".
  • The judge lets the Amicus (this Gleeson asshole) drone on an on; allows accusations, filled with invective to go on and on; he quotes media commentary; he implies impropriety for the President tweeting about the Flynn case and twist that these tweets are the basis that the DOJ is being unduly influenced to reconsider the case.
  • Gleeson cites the president's "tone of his tweets" as a disrespect to the FBI, the DOJ, and the rule of law.
  • Gleeson states that "Bill Barr has yielded to the President's pressure" and the judge didn't even ask any questions to support those statements.
  • Gleeson nuzzles up the judge's bunghole and reinforces the (FALSE) notion that the judge can do whatever he wants because the Judiciary has power too
  • Gleeson accuses all the current prosecutors of acting without proper precedent
  • Gleeson has used the phrase "to my mind" (at this typing) six times; so he's opining, not citing case law
  • Gleeson has stated four times "you don't have to dismiss just because the defendant has friends in high places".
  • Gleeson misrepresents the foundations of this case (grossly, imo). (He misstates that Flynn lied to FBI lied. He is citing and conflating statements about expulsions vs sanctions THREE times, on different occasions). Judge does not correct, inquire or ask for clarification.
  • Gleeson has assumed the role of the prosecution; his tenor and tone alone shows the he is advocating the PRIOR CASE that VanGrack and the now-known to be dirty prosecutors said
  • And, to cap off this bullshit hearing, Gleeson rehashes actually debunked Spygate claims

The judge is a globalist.

The judge is a cuck.

The judge is compromised.

There. That's the recap.

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Do the crime. Do the time.

Fuck around. Find out.

It amazes me how really stupid (and evil) these people are. I do feel for Andy --these people are unhinged and he is in danger.

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Here is Periscope link t: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1vAxRrBMoeZxl#

Judge Sullivan is DRONING on, setting some sort of foundation to screw Flynn (again), abuse his power (again), etc, etc, etc... It's all so tiring.

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He's a comedian that vigorous did blackface and he's also a serious journalist?


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Pede... first, I think you need to back up a bit and take a break from the personal attacks. I don't have any substance abuse issues and I am a small government advocate. You trying to arm-chair diagnose & label me is gross, and setting up a (weak) strawman is the kind of shit that libs do.

Further, I directly mentioned the connection to left wing politics. It is absolutely playing a big part in these two city's observable decline in quality of life and, yes, it is also juxtaposed to the rise of legal weed. I didn't say "weed has rued the day!!!", so stop with that.

And, I have seen this with my eyes through my business over the last 25+ years. I had contracts in/around Portland dating back to the mid/late 90s and my Denver contracts date to the mid/late 2000s. BOTH cities have gone to shit. BOTH cities have legal weed. BOTH cities have marxist/commie mayors. But BOTH cities have gone to shit shortly after either/both have occurred. My clients that I work(ed) with in the cities have left (many of whom were life-long residents and several of them copious cannabis smokers too). My employees (men and women; straight-laced and not) used to love going to both cities, but now prefer to work with these clients remotely.

You can continue to call me names and otherwise imply things I'm not (which is really uncool); or, you can take 25 years of observation, the last 10 years of negative impact to my business, and what might be nuanced position that blends both poor leadership and (perhaps) too-widely available weed. You saying that "legal weed has no impact" is as stupid as the argument the "legal alcohol has no impact" (which is an argument that I NEVER made).

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Though I agree with the free market sentiments of your post...

... do you find it curious that these two state's highest population and economic centers (Portland and Denver, respectively) are visible BOILING POTS OF SOCIALIST PUS?

They both have always been pretty liberal (as many metropolitan areas are), but since legalization and decriminalization has occurred, these cities have gone to shit. I stopped doing business in Portland years ago and am currently doing the same in Denver. Even before the China Flu hit, several of my team members did not want to go to Denver anymore (one even thought of moving there to work on the contracts we had; but "noped" out over the last few years).

I know correlation isn't causation, but there is a clear correlation that these cities have gone to shit --the homelessness has gone up, the non-violent has gone up, the violent crime has gone up, etc. These are not the things that decriminalization of weed promises.

It seems clear that these cities also have communist mayors too. So maybe that's the cause, but these are not "nice" cities anymore.

I do think we need to make hemp and cannabis part of our economy, but as I have directly observed these changes, I lean towards medically legal and a decriminalization approach that has a "chamber of commerce" element to it.

Look, if I'm sitting at a park with my kids or at an outdoor cafe having a coffee/dinner, the last thing I want is someone (or what's more often a pack) of people having a smokefest. And that happens ALOT in these cities. Stoners can be dicks too (even if they are too stoned to know the difference because "they high", it doesn't make it ok).

But, yeah, I know, I'm probably harshing your mellow. Sorry Pede.

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Hold open hearings and declass all the known evidence AND demand prosecution everyday until the DOJ acts; or, SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP!

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Well, the DC mayor's mask mandate has an exception for federal elected officials (Representatives and Senators), so technically (which is always the weasel way with democrats) she's neither breaking the mandate nor being hypocritical.

And that is a full-written out "Rules for Thee"...it's worse than the normal ignoring of the rules.

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"It's a thorough-debunk conspiracy" [while citing no evidence of debunking and video evidence showing the crimes]

Sadly this quote might come from CNN or the Director of the F.B.I.

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Doesn't mean that the Dems still won't steal the election in other key states (MI, WI, PA).

And, with the mainstream and social media tech tyrants running cover, nothing will probably happen. Especially with Bill Barr at DOJ...complete waste of space.

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No just imagine if he was the black digital assistant to Joe Biden?

The left would be burning down cities, I bet.

Oh, yeah, they already do that and over: a drugged-up meth head; a co-conspirator to a known drug dealer; and, a rapist that was kidnapping some kids, but you know, I digress.

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Right... this fucking asshole and his dad (fuck him too, Bill!) have been in the business of leverage our best and brightest's blood for their own financial gain.

Real scum. It's especially gross when he casts himself as this haughty intellectual, when, in reality, he's nothing more than the run-of-the-mill warmonger.

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Shut it down.

It's infected with TDS and CRT (Critical Race Theory).

How are those dozen or so FBI agents from the Portland (or Seattle) office that staged their BLM kneel-out, fist-raise fest still employed? (A: it's because the FBI HR department is infested with people that are ACTIVELY SUPPORTING groups that are ACTIVELY ADVOCATING FOR THE OVERTHROW OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

I'm stunned, but not surprised. The FBI and the DOJ that controls is in complete control by people that actively wan to destroy our country. It seems hard to believe, but it's true.

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They aren't standing around.

They are kneeling and raising a fist in resistance with BLM. That's the FBI. The FBI IS BLM.

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Say what you want about Wray (he's a complete scum and I believe he was involved in the original Spygate too), but think about how he reports to?

Wray reports to Bill Barr.

Bill Barr, the same guy playing bagpipes and overseeing the "oh-even-though-its-four-years-long-and-there-is-enough-public-evidence-to-convict-everyone-but-we're-gonna-wait-for-the-Democrats-to-steal-the-election" Durham investigation.

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The media bias here is stunning.

  • The facts are simple: he used the tax code to his advantage. This is pretty much the entire focus of every CPA in the entire United States. Therefore, there is NO NEWS here.
  • The front page center 2/3rds alignment for biggest possible impact
  • The gold "monopoly" tokens for each section.

This is sad. The NY Times was always liberal, but they are just unhinged at this point.

And, they don't get it --they make an expose of the President losing money, while the president donates his pay. At the exact same time that the President's political foes seek to ruin him, all while lining their pockets over the years with ever-increasing personal worths that can't be explained by their "pay" or, inking $50 and $100 million deals with tech companies. The NY Times can't seem to see the TRUTH here --the President is sacrificing a fortune by being President.

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Here’s the thing — they won’t be able to help themselves.

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ACB confounds 2nd Wave feminists because she (resolved the one question they avoided in all their other rhetoric —how to have a family and an impressive career.

In other words, they being catty to ACB. And, woman Pedes can back me up, but that’s the real deal and that happens all the time.

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