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Yeah it appears the truck cab completely detached and is in the foreground /left.

That's a strong blast

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witnesses directly behind the vehicles states one of them exploded and there was not a crash

gasoline does not do that.

Kinetic outward/upward blast.

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The barely-visible bumper suggests it might not be a jeep wrangler (who really even knows at this point lol) but instead, a pickup truck. I thought the doors looked like a wrangler at first though. If it is a truck, the bed looks equally as obliterated as the semi truck cab.

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from this picture it looks like something blew up inside the trunk of the sedan?... However the ENTIRE truck is annihilated too? this is like a missile strike... Only a bomb blast would twist up a whole SUV that way...


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zoomed out pic of aftermath

the ENTIRE TRUCK behind them is annihilated too


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I agree, the whole side of the car looks exploded outwards. No car would explode like that unless it was carrying suitcases full of Trump ballots and C4

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there were a few Swift truck drivers in the pack of cars behind the crash. I only know this because of the snapmaps videos of people recording from several car lengths back.

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‘Crash’ today involving Loeffler staffer Harrison Deal. He was dating Kemp’s daughter and graduated from Bulloch Christian Academy in Statesboro. We are devastated to share that this appears to be more than a crash. The vehicles didn’t collide at 80-100 mph. Look at citizens commentary compiled from various angles. More being added...

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don't worry.

Every defense attorney I ever faced down in court tried to defend their client that way. Instead of lawyers, we're hearing from the public shitters.

Defense: "How can you tell that what we see on video is X?"

Me: "I saw it with my own eyes. It was X." Me: "That location is the only place that X would be found." Me: "X only looks like that which we see on video, nothing else in the area looks like X."

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the closest wrecks I have ever seen to that carnage were oil field crashes. there have been some crazy ones

still looks like it blew up

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notice the huge blue tarp draped over the obviously bomb-exploded car... why only THAT car?

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not sure if it is the actual aftermath, this looks plausible

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