chickyrogue [S] 0 points ago

im not stupid ...and again

your comments say waaaaaaay more about you than me

chickyrogue [S] 2 points ago

im a new yorker and in real time and real news he was breaking up a fight someone else instigated....

he was known for selling loosies

but maybe new york one news might have some archive footage but being a subsid of cnn it might really be buried....

as far as loretta lynch this will all come out in the wash nasty pos work that one!

chickyrogue [S] 1 point ago

actually you should listen to dan bongino HE SAID THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE and he was a nyc cop

once the cuffs are on you stand down ....end of story and first thing you are taught at cop school

chickyrogue [S] 2 points ago

eric gardner was stopping a fight not selling looseys and LORRETA LYNCH shut down the real investigation ok because of weiners laptop

what a shitshow .... but this event this one feels completely STAGED!

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yes my comments and again

taken completely out of context

to the reply and the connotation

and ps no sock puppet here ever

but again your words say waaaaayy more about you than me

chickyrogue [S] 3 points ago

jack is buying his own stock for now

couldnt pay me to buy twitter EVER

chickyrogue [S] -3 points ago

go bother someone else

i am not peddling ANYTHING

twitter is a joke and its fun to watch asswipes expose themselves

chickyrogue [S] -3 points ago

thank you

alot of rolcons today but you are sweet enough

turley and x22 promote at the beginning

conservative resurgence usually about 3 minutes in

the commercial guide to chickys threads ;0

chickyrogue [S] -2 points ago (edited)

jack will run out of money soon enough

but nice try

god this is over run today

brockaroaches working overtime....

chickyrogue [S] -1 points ago

jack is too busy buying his own stock back ... this cant last forever

and the wriiting is on the wall

chickyrogue [S] 1 point ago

its not the best .... it was just a knee jerk for jerks who are twits

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