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i’ve searched around but can’t find the direct connection from LPJ to CCP cash. Is it just bc iphones are made in china?

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Only a few laughed, most of them clapped for her at the end, thinking that they’re doing Germany a service by bringing in so many migrants

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No, they want full-time, GOOD PAYING jobs, which is somewhat subjective.

I’m sure there are some people in there who just don’t want to work for the money that the market offers for that skill.

I’m not against limiting immigration if we need to, but we should look at unemployment by sector. Sometimes people need to retrain for a job that is more in demand.

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There’s a big difference between outing individuals in order to attack them, and exposing a company's bias in order to protect yourself from them.

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Donald Trump, don’t trust China!

They will reneg when it suits them so just be ready to bring back the tariffs.

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Nice, I didn’t know that was happening yesterday or I would’ve gone

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I’m grateful for sites like these. I still feel we need something distributed tho like the PC is. TDW is still on a server somewhere

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How long have Pepes been hanging around Trump?

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Everything was going swimmingly until my teen brother set things off during Catchphrase. His phrase was, “tax cuts” and he said, “what Trump wants to give the rich!!!” ... Several of the more liberally-inclined jumped in with some laughs and hurrahs until I fired off a salvo of cold-hard facts. They beat a hasty retreat and we continued on with the game. Thankfully, that’s been the only ‘happening’ so far...

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We had a North Korea-esque summit to declare a cease-fire before things started. I promised not to bring anything up, but that if someone else does then all bets are off ?