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Sounds like Sun Tzu.

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Not a hoax. Yes a stunt. And it worked. And she deserves the pedestal.

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yeah the largest office building/hotel... i can imagine significant fatalities if it was occupied.

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some videos do show what appear to be fireworks exploding...

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Money. Find a parish that is open (odds are, you'll find a parish that is TLM, or at least cassock wearing traditional priests). Take your money there.

I had a conversation with my pastor about opening up confession. Offered to get men to manage the line, make it safe... he refused. He said "the Bishop says we are closed." Bishop said (to me) "Mass is restricted to minimal attendance but Pastors can have open confession if they practice safe distancing." So, my pastor lied. The bishop washes his hands of it... here we are.

Good luck and God bless.

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Posted below....


I don't go to my home parish because the Pastor LITERALLY LOCKED THE DOORS. Many are shut down completely. We do have 2 masses per week but they are reduced to 1/20th normal capacity, require reservations, no individual prayer, communion is "take out" on your way out the door.

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For Catholics, it is because the USCCB (conference of Catholic Bishops) is controlled by left-leaning bishops and the paid staff probably resembles that of a university D&I staff.

The Bishops decided that being a team player with the government and virtue signaling their love of everyone was better than emphasizing the need for the Sacraments.

So, here we are. We have some (Like in San Fran who are fighting) but many have just become complicit.

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Wake up after a good night sleep on mypillow... make a goya breakfast burrito... sure.

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Nobody talking about where it came from any more. Weird.

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My problem with this whole fiasco, from Day 1 is that we, the people, and the government we form, don't seem to be operating on any principles that we have had for 200 plus years.

What is the end game? What principle is guiding the coffee slingers? Should they be policing the entire Manhattan Beach scene for violators?

Keep in mind, this started in a big way back in 2001. "If you see something, say something." Two mid twenties people like them (I'm guessing) have never been in a world where you're not supposed to rat out someone SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY ARE SUSPICIOUS, or in this case BECAUSE THEY MIGHT BE ENDANGERING YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE. That's what they've been told in school, on public transportation, by the "news", in airports, and now even as they walk around at Costco "wear your mask... keep a safe distance... we want you to be safe... let us know about suspicious packages... if you see something say something, citizen."

So, here we are, I guess.

Welcome, friends to August 1, 2020. The state is your daddy (see the official BLM website), and western whiteness is bad. Words can cause damage. So can, we're told, silence. Citizens have the duty to snitch on each other. We've always been at war with Eastasia.

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This scares me. Time to archive every article about how return to school has had minimal negative effect in Europe.

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I'm with you here. Sorted by "worst" to see who said it.

Jordan should have quoted Fauci to Fauci and it could have been more effective.

I can't stand Fauci, and from day 1 have been asking why we have been letting a lifelong bureaucrat determine our positions... but this was not the kill shot OPs headline implies it is.

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Surely there were tweets and livestreams right?

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