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Why is this asshole suddenly getting so much media attention?

catatonic_frog [S] 7 points ago

how is dental work not considered essential? you can get some pretty life threatening infections if you don't get deep cavities taken care of

catatonic_frog [S] 2 points ago

Show them the way instead of ostracizing them and you'll be a lot better off. They absolutely need to drop socialism but maybe you can teach them why they're wrong instead of scaring them off.

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catatonic_frog [S] 15 points ago

Makes you wonder if he's actually getting the treatment he needs. I wouldn't put it past the psycho left to try and kill him with it.

catatonic_frog [S] 18 points ago

I have a hard time believing even half the people on that site are real. It's all astroturfing agitprop by sock puppet accounts, right? They can't really be that fucking dumb, can they?

catatonic_frog [S] 6 points ago

Probably wouldn't have even got the 3 month suspension had she not been a lawyer. They need to remove kebab yesterday. Toss them all into the sea if you have to, idc.

catatonic_frog [S] 3 points ago

ah yes, he's not allowed to defend himself from opportunistic trash like Schiff during a crisis. I forgot all about that clause.

catatonic_frog [S] 6 points ago

Pretty sure he's saying the businesses are getting loans. They're going to have to pay back that money unlike the 1200 we're getting.

catatonic_frog [S] 4 points ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHA what a fucking joke! Trump, can you just declare war against China? I'd re-enlist to go over there and take out the CCP

catatonic_frog [S] 9 points ago

oh i know. been seeing tons and tons of cali plates here in phoenix over the last year

catatonic_frog [S] 5 points ago

if you had 35k taken out in tax you probably made too much to get the 1200 back too, so....

catatonic_frog [S] 5 points ago

No, that guy is insane. Do you want some panicky nosy neighbor shooting you for going to get something essential?

catatonic_frog [S] 17 points ago

Fuck that, I've been hearing that shit all day. Things are never going to be the same, just like post 9/11! fuuuuuuck that I am not dealing with this every fucking flu season

catatonic_frog [S] 5 points ago

We could really use more lawyers, judges, HR people, and professors on our side. That's for sure.

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