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In some ways I don't sympathize with people with respectable degrees who aren't diligent or adaptable enough to find a job, even if it's not fully relqted to what they want to do or thought they'd be doing.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I have loosely been following the specifics of the Dominion system and will do more research so that I can demand action by the respective parliamentary members.

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We are in a much different and in some ways a much deeper fight, but Canuckistan will not be underestimated. The truth shall prevail by way of the corrupted forces sowing their own fate. Do not take me for a globalist, the world shall unite and prosper by individual success of the nations and the embrace of its own cultural identity!

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Not only this but he also surrounds himself with winners. Think about all of the evidence and theories that the normal folks actually have access to, there is no way that Trump's staff don't have an exponentially larger amount that we don't know about and the right people needed to launch a successful litigation.

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Was shortly after this moment for me. There was some disbelief that he was running and not knowing his policies I briefly laughed about the idea but very quickly realized he was the real deal, reinforced by the growing media, deep state, foreign adversary and hollywood efforts to de-legitimize him.

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Typically not around large airports like the ones AF1 is landing, but yes there are lots of small aircraft and gliders and whatnot flying around without radio.

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Well at least if it was Harrison Ford we wouldn't have to worry about him landing at the airport :P

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Probably some old fart with no radio. Hopefully anyway.

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That's okay, just so happens I'm willing to relocate!

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Nope. We need Trump to get in and liberate us!

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Hopefully any of Trump's messages aren't a "closing message" and he will be re-elected, cloned, repeat ad infinitum.

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Surely this airport was designed and built by queer gender studies hermaphrodites tho?

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Glad you caught that! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it :)

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Made this back when ACB was announced, thought I'd share with my frens who haven't seen! Love, from canuckistan.

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