cajun_robear [S] 19 points ago

The FDA, the CDC... they both need cleansing of the deep state virus.

cajun_robear [S] 14 points ago

She should have just told the MSM to "go to hell!" Apparently that phrase is now allowed.

cajun_robear [S] 15 points ago

Cofefe with hot buns. Good morning , Sunshine!

cajun_robear [S] 3 points ago

Just got a "My Pillow" coupon in the mail. Bought 4. Just because this guy is a patriot.

cajun_robear [S] 5 points ago

OAN is currently the best news outlet to get the straight news. Better than Fox News (remember, they hired Donna Brazile). OAN costs me $5 / month on Roku. Worth it. Also, contact your cable provider (if you are still connected) and demand they put OAN on their programming.

cajun_robear [S] 3 points ago

There can be no denying this simple fact: It looks like we are the ones now working for them. They are writing themselves checks out of the people's check account while the people are the ones suffering from what THEY have done (or not done). It's OUR fucking money for Christ's sake. They have gone full Marie Antoinette on us ("Let them eat cake!"). They are the damn pandemic in our country. They need to be sprayed with a tankful of "get the hell out" bleach.

cajun_robear [S] 4 points ago

Must be at the Dollar General.

cajun_robear [S] 20 points ago

Typical media "reporting". No substantiating facts or evidence. No links. No quotes. Just another anti-American, anti-Trump hand grenade thrown into your living room hoping it does damage to America.

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