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How many cigarettes do you estimate you passively smoked in China? I have heard the smell is the first thing to hit you when you get off the plane.

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Imagine New York without any wealth. The rich move out. Suddenly there is no one who can eat at fancy restaurants or drink at upscale clubs, no one staying in high class hotels or using premium business facilities, no tax dollars coming in to swell the cities coffers. Property values plummet as everyone rushes to pull their investments.

It would not take long for all that to filter down to the middle class who would also leave, and then the working class would find there are no jobs or business opportunities and they leave too, leaving only criminals and welfare dependants.

Do you want Detroit Mk 2?, becasue that is how you get Detroit Mk 2.

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As long as GEOTUS doesn't bring up Gay Fish.

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The fight is far from over, brother. Not just for America, for the whole western world. Eternal vigilance is the price we pay.

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I put "bunch of evil murderous Marxist scum masquerading as race baiters" in the box.

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Hopefully it ends with a metric shit ton of dead commies. That would be glorious. I am done tolerating these evil, murdering cunts.

I view anything less than complete extermination of Marxism as failure.

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You know the answer to that question.

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Antifa need to start being shot dead en masse. That is the only way to combat them. They will never back down, they cannot be reasoned with and they will not stop until they have destroyed America.

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I told people the UK would vote leave. I was ignored.
I told people Trump would win in 2016. I was ignored.
I told people Epstein was a dead man walking. I was ignored.
I told people Labour would be decimated in the 2019 election. I was ignored.
I told people The US is heading towards civil war/mass unrest. I was ignored.

I am telling people Trump will win huge in Nov. I am being ignored.

I feel like I am banging my head against a wall.

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I am self employed so I am at work right now ;)

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I didn't believe Saddam had WMDs

Tony Blair saying he did, pretty much convinced me he didn't. I have never seen a more weaselly man in my life.

Although he did give me a good fucking laugh when all the lefty cretins at my college voted for him, only for him to almost immediately abolish student grants.

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Nothing is better to win over reddits brow beaten, thought policed normies than seeing people rebelling against the BS whilst obviously having a sense of humour and having fun.

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Those are fire! Stealing some of them!

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They don't use that one any more, it was too obvious. It's LGBTQ+ now. They know what the + means, we know what the + means. They'll lie and say it doesn't mean that, but we know.

We Know.

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Misanthropes unite! Oh wait....

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Excellent comment. Just popping over to reddit to post it right under Blinknone's comment. Heh.

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Call me a cynic but I am pretty sure Blinknone and their reddit ilk will learn nothing from this. They will continue to unquestioningly swallow every lie the corrupt media feeds them, just like they did a thousand times previous to George Floyd.

As u/booleh points out, the information was out there the whole time. Anyone with a shred of integrity could have informed themselves of the actual events before jumping to conclusions.

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This is literally how the comments on that reddit thread are going. I saw one describe him as 'mentally ill' rather than 'drugged up to fuck'. Levels of dishonesty are off the charts!

The few sane voices have now been drowned out and downvoted to oblivion as is reddit custom.

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