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dude yes Ive been saying we get the license to SAW and do it for real live for awhile now.

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easily can explain that tbh. I just dont believe theyd fix it.

say you learn piano late in life and become so fucking great you're a legend to you're peers, constantly proving every music teacher that says "too late" wrong, where you get good enough to play folky music and even some classical training.

you're good. nobody denies it. people look up to you. but you arent getting in the orchestra now. you needed those first years of life to have an education you had no access to, resources you could never touch.

the problem is access to outside resources and yes, terrible parenting by uneducated parents.

it is entirely possible to be born with the most ability and NO privileges. then you end up in a situation like me where you've secretly apprenticed yourself into multiple trades, tutored and assisted many people in a variety of fields but will never get credit. never be able, socially to continue your education because you fell into a trap that locked you out of getting that next level up degree halfway into getting lower tier ones.

so yes, actually, if we all started at the same place many successful people would be at mcdonalds, and many unsuccessful people would have their jobs.

this is absolutely true and it scares the fuck out of people. its why everyone is so resistant to my hatred of the university system and desire to separate out qualification for work from education such that a man can learn solely in the library, pass the test, and still get the job.

You can never fix the music problem, because too much time and it does require wealth and isnt necessary. you CAN fix the trade entry problem (that you dont see as a problem as it benefits some) to make the resources, training, and qualification to get out and work more available.

hell just remove the training aspect and let people who train themselves gain qualification WITHOUT the schools. if you can complete the same or more work in the same time at the same or higher quality, there is absolutely no reason that it matters how you achieved such skill -- merely that one has it.

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lololol in this bitch ass state, if I have a wrist stabilizer for a slingshot it becomes an "Assault slingshot"

not that I give a fuck about laws like that.

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bingo. they're actually pinpointing them as 'sore' and inflaming things intentionally.

its the same thing the USSR did in the 60s, infiltrating the black panthers and such and inflaming tensions intentionally to turn them into marxist class revolutionaries.

ive been watching some of these antifa who ive known to be die-hard commies since we were in high school 20 years ago. they are definitely targeting blacks as a group again, using funding and support from China, in much the same way.

an important thing not taught in history class is why society started heavily enforcing the anti-gay laws and such during the period before things opened up. It wasnt that people actually gave that much of a fuck what people did in private at home in their bedroom as long as it didnt affect them -- so much as any group that perceives themselves as "marginalized" actually does get targeted and indoctrinated by the marxists. they were literally going to homosexuals and saying "capitalism did this to you join us you get rights!" and they actually DID become an espionage threat because that promise makes a person a traitor, from their point of view.

its actually part of the marxist plan to subvert governments and set the stage for the world revolution.

they go to people disaffected, and play both sides (inflaming hatred against them, and turning them into spies at the same time -- the inflamed hatred gives them more to point at and say "see we're right!")

what you're witnessing now is marxists taking advantage of an already extant perceived problem and inflaming both sides in order to get them on their side.

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such bullshit framing in that article.

apparantly calling out bullshit, or rather attempting to stop people who DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE is voter intimidation. get out of here.

by this logic, police shouldnt be able to intimidate store robbers they should just let them go. it would be shopper intimidation to arrest someone for stealing from the store.

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oh so its prolly using gpg. that works. i never used whatsapp.

We actually could send somewhat secure emails if people actually used GPG email, but nobody does really unless they have some easy middle interface like protonmail or something.

I always end up setting it up but nobody even sends emails. and the few that would never used it there.

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if you mean a VPN or like, onion routing then that doesnt help you at all the second you log into any account.

in fact, thats the most common mistake that script kiddies make. all it takes to identify you past a VPN for the government (or a corporation if you log into their service) is for you to log into an account.

so yes if you log into facebook or gmail, they absolutely know who you are

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its hard to get into music or acting without having dirt on you tbh. I loved playing music but never wanted to be in the business (and i hate modern music too except weird niche shit so that doesnt help)

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we absolutely need to win this election for trump.

Not only is it again an important statement, our lives probably actually depend on what happens here, and what happens next.

truly a terrifying but important time to exist.

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i dont even trust anyone enough these days to try and have relationships.

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i still do cold approaches on the street since im pm an exile, and most people do find it creepy or weird but idgaf.

honestly it really does keep people trapped in an influence bubble.

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seriously this is how you could easily steal the rest of the young votes. easily.

And marijuana really isnt a big deal out of all the drugs. the only people who would be hurt with it legal are alcohol companies and illegal drug dealers.

It really truly is less bad than alcohol, it doesnt make people violent and the bullshit classist excuse about the potential 5 iq points it temporarily drops dont even matter -- because we arent even testing people on intelligence before allowing them to drink or anything anyway and that makes you WAY dumber AND violent.

the rest of the drugs really are pretty much evil and enslave the mind and body, but this is... less severe than alcohol by a large margin.

if someone would let that go and just DO IT, they would get like 100% of the young vote. immediately. just about everyone 18 and up would vote for that person in the country. itd really only frustrate the really older conservatives at this point. but tbh out of all the drug laws, only marijuana was really fraudulent. it was never "more dangerous than cocaine and heroin" and didnt "make white women go with darkies and go criminally insane" (this was seriously the propaganda they used to make it illegal)

Its complicated though because other drugs DID DO THAT. like with the chinese exclusion act and opium laws. women today constantly prostitute themselves for heroin and this was no different back then.

but it was and always will be different with marijuana. unfortunately its pretty much only marijuana. legal heroin or coke would indeed cause the bad effects. so its just an issue where meshing "all mind altering substances" as illegal drugs is actually stupid and doesnt work because not all things are the same scale.

like seriously, a guy who eats magic mushrooms once a year and smokes pot isnt the one causing societal problems -- aside from the stupid political ideology which they often get indoctrinated into from the subculture. so remove the subculture and underground nature of it, and you remove a lot of that problem over time. Especially by having the "Fix" come from the opposite side of the aisle, making them pull into question all their beliefs.

can I be real with you here? I quit heroin, cocaine, meth and other hard drugs for about 8 years, but still occasionally dabble in stuff like eating some mushrooms or smoking pot occasionally.

im voting trump and I dont share the political ideology of the communists, I am on your side just with some slight disagreements on how things should be done that we can debate over openly and peacefully.... is it me who is a systemic problem? I want to work to pay for my own way, do those specific things define me as evil? most of the time i hunt for stuff already growing in the ground on property i have legal access to as a hobby.

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tell me about it i learned everything I know outside of school and hate the education system. I officially on paper dont have qualifications so I just work my trades as a hobby and accept whatever hard labor jobs I can get.

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honestly what i really want is to replace shop class with basic IT classes.

you're right in that having the internet does help in some ways but it also hurts in others.

people should understand how the basics of something works and be able to judge if a product actually had work go into it or is just like the red-dot sight DLC that cost literally .05 cents of someone's salary once to make. they should also have the ability and opportunity to make their own way of it rather than being forced through defacto centralized authorized sources.

I think we need to get people... educated on how it works so that we can decentralize and have people make good decisions and run their own businesses and sites and servers again.

like if i ran my own physical server with IRC on it, you could talk trump all day, all year and I wouldnt ban you like twitter or facebook or even discord would. My standards are different than theirs, and thats why I want the private ownership back even if it means adding complexity. Because if I write a review, i wont be being paid AT ALL, so therefore I am NOT an influencer and will give my unbiased, unpaid opinion.

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you know, when dial up was going the way of the dinosaur and this shit first started centralizing i was against it then.

yes it was for dubious reasons -- that I missed the wild west of the internet where piracy was more common than anything else and there was little way to detect guilt over it -- but it was also for OTHER reasons.

mainly that it went further then trying to end piracy, or just weed out the chomos or terrorists. instead it became about centralizing and CONTROLLING everything.

I didnt want more of a mass consumer market for tech than the OG computer revolution brought either. Combined together, it made the internet a place for "anyone" (read any common normie) who not only wasnt educated deeply on how the underlying technology worked. back in the day we were all hobbyists, knew at least basic scripting and coding and how the computer worked. we made our own websites by hand, often in ways even modern corporations would deem "too expensive" and "work intensive". the only reason you have your "wordpress" today is because WE were writing our own CMSs by hand in a way that would currently be considered (and would be) way to expensive. THOUSANDS of dollars now that you can simply install someone elses code and rent that for cheaper up front.

I view it like the wild west -- yes there was crime. lots of it. most of it insignificant, but some of it not so much. but on the flipside there was freedom in that lack of control. and because the baseline for profit was so low, there wasnt much barrier to entry. not only that some people literally just did all the work FOR FREE because it was cool and they wanted to and it was enough to count for a job instead of bothering with a degree in the past (portfolio alone)

not to mention one positive of running a 300mhz shitbox with 16mb ram is that it barely has the power to do the excessive data collection, monitoring, spying etc. if that happened back then youd KNOW because the computer would basically halt.

today you could be running infected for years and not even know.

I cant stress enough, its not that I miss the CRIME from the freedom, but the freedom and lack of ability to have excessive controls in and of itself.

but ever since that normie invasion caused by the smartphone revolution, its more important to a majority of users to have one, centralized set of links (facebook, google, youtube, twitter, reddit, amazon) than it is to go search and cross reference sources. most people dont even know how the damn search engines work.

in my eyes it was the normie invasion around 05'ish that really started the ultimate downfall of tech. before that the majority of consumers and people writing the websites were still... DIYing it. if they made profit from advertising the business was 100% theirs -- not some subsection of google getting paid pennies on the dollar to be influencers that in the past would have had full-on advertising jobs and be paid better.

I guess myspace is what got the kiddos into the stupid "website done for you no database coding necessary" BS where everyone got a page with a MySQL backend.

but at least that still slightly encouraged people to learn some HTML and JS i guess (even though I hate JS and web scripting, remember im old-skool and still waste time programming end-user applications and games at a low-level like in C. yes sometimes my code is less efficient, but i DIY it all)

I want individual people to own websites and forums and chat rooms again to destroy the ability of censorship and allow a wide variety of private moderators in a decentralized network again. I actually want most aspects of the past back, and for people to not simply choose the "most profitable" use of tech in favor of the "right use"

believe me ive tried to at least get common users to use alternative central sources -- and moreso to drop them altogether (discord, reddit, facebook, etc). I really truly want people to educate themselves and go back to the past. but it will never happen. especially as long as they restrict us from running basic servers on consumer internet without static IP or high enough speeds.

like shit why not just let me have the consumer internet, still run a server, and if i go over a certain amount of bandwidth charge me an overage fee?

i get that IPs are limited, but we could just switch to IPv6 like the rest of the damn world.

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i am in full agreement. I was saying we should tax the companies a "socialist education tax" on people educated in socialized education countries and a separate sliding scale "undercost education tax".

this would tax the business... whatever the worker did not have to spend on education vs an american.

also we should make a mandatory minimum wage for them -- very very high -- that audits every companies taxes on a yearly basis for one thing (this group is supposed to let other tax crimes fly, its only scanning for one issue). the thing is, how much was the lowest paid foreign worker vs american?

the foreign worker should be paid the same or more, plus the tax, making it unreasonable unless the person truly is an einstein who you are investing in remaking your company.

100% of this taxation should be used not to socialize, but subsidize education so it can gradually force the investments that our elite are currently not willing to make due to their supply of cheap foreign skilled labor.

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for me my hatred isnt about the people.

the people could be the most wondrous, intelligent and skilled on earth.

its about removing the incentives for the wealthy in our own nation to pay for, fix, and alter the education system in the ways that are necessary for fair play.

i said it above. why would I do anything BUT siphon workers that cost less money from an alternative governmental system which provide excessively cheap or even entirely free education that is far less rigged than in america?

if I wanted to hire locals for the same rate and quality it would cost me trillions upon trillions in losses not specifically because of the worker -- but because of socialist vs capitalist training.

I would say we only EVER should accept the top 1% of any field that way. and they should have to prove unreal genius. i mean like an einstein literally.

otherwise the minute you start accepting socialist trained people its like... its like if we started letting USSR students take american jobs after getting entirely free and unlimited chances education during the cold war. its literally not fair on a systemic level. in one nation people take advantage of the crooked government to get skills, then they take advantage of slightly less crooked country to take their jobs.

if that happened the businesses wouldve all turned commie in support of stalin (gee whats happening now i wonder?) because that wouldve been the source of their explosive "growth" while the people's growth was still strangled in the crib.

what I want is them to forcibly, uncomfortably, revise the education system and update it. fix it so that either we have the same or similar advantage -- or alternatively, things can stay exactly the same and we can just deal with china surpassing us technologically.

you see its an ultimatum -- to fix education and career access for those born here -- to me. an all-or-nothing gambit to force investment massively into education, and to rethink the partnership between universities and industry.

cheaper goods and services, at first seem awesome. until the proportion of people who can afford them here gets so low, that even those of you gainfully employed begin feeling the burn of it too slowly.

TL;DR: you shouldnt be able to save money by hiring socialist trained workers and avoiding investment and development of education for the next generation of americans because "someone else already paid for it saves me money!"

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indians are ok people, but the culture actually does have a ton of endemic corruption and problems.

yes the people come here, educated for good reasons. however my issue is, with this H1b program, is it makes workers falsely cheap.

you see, in any nation where education is cheaper or more accessible to the public, if they are allowed to come here with a degree, it dis-incentivizes any investment in fixing up our own education system, making it affordable, or any number of problems related to that or hiring american workers.

why in the world would I hire someone with debt that asks more, when I can hire someone who had advantages given by a foreign nation that owes nothing and works for bread? why should we compete with the equivalent of paid slaves? the supposed "free market"?

it would be a free market if wages were mandated to the minimum or maximum an american worker WITH DEBT would have. that would be FAIR because the BEST MINDS would still choose to come, but nobody else.

personally it should be even worse. it should be minimum of american worker + extra foreign worker tax put entirely into the education and competition of american workers.

it simply doesnt make sense. if I set up an H1b with a nation that has free education, I literally would never have any motivation to do anything but siphon educated people out of that nation. Why would I spend MY dollars on extra taxation or establishment of private schools when someone else has done it for me and provided me cheap labor?

no. we should mandate labor AND training be equally expensive across the board regardless who it hurts. if training is cheaper for the person you hire due to foreign origin, you should be stuck with the same dime by a negative tax credit which costs you everything you saved.

what would we do about the worker glut? let america fall behind until elites panic because the new law "doesnt work" and it forces them to repatriate funds and spend them all to get new workers trained up on their own dime like in olden times when there were none in new fields.

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i knew of a small time hotel in my area in the middle of the mountains.

the owners decided it would be cheaper to allow an entire family of indians to move here and live in the hotel instead of having a house and literally just work in shifts the entire day.

my friend who worked there couldnt even handle how terrible the conditions were since they started expecting him to never go home as well and literally work like a slave.

and I dont just mean during bad weather its like "Oh just stay here... every night"

and he did put up with it for quite awhile, but combined with the fact that the hotel always smelled like indian food and also they were abusing him expecting him to work the same way, which its not about hard work, its about being literally enslaved like having ur boss be like "dont go home sleep at ur job where we can watch u on camera for 4 days at a time"

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i kind of find it hilarious we live in a world where people would vote in literally hitler to prevent "literally hitler" from winning.

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im glad supplies are up because i need saline solution

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ive spoken to a few chinese who make it past the firewall. some use under the table but still illegal jokes like "<insert xi rival> for president"

they dont actually want those people to be president, its more to piss off xi while still not going "too far" by suggesting an end to the CCP directly. while many do buy into the propaganda there, some, even a lot of people really hate them and are just too afraid to do anything about it.

its still illegal, the joke, but its i guess less illegal than saying "death to the CCP"

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