boredrandomguy 2 points ago

Not surprising as she is under investigation after all. Also, she would just love to install her sharia police in place of ours.

boredrandomguy 2 points ago

Powerball is a scam to funnel money to Commiefornia.

boredrandomguy 1 point ago

That space between Epstein and Biden is where they have the altar concession stand where they sacrifice/molest children serve hot dogs and pizza.

boredrandomguy 2 points ago

Why do we even have humans with this job?

The electoral votes should just go to the popular vote of the state automatically.

boredrandomguy 4 points ago

I'm waiting for revisionists to claim that Karl Marx was black.

boredrandomguy 2 points ago

This is medical billing fraud. File a complaint with your insurance.

boredrandomguy 3 points ago

Biden: We need someone who takes responsibility and doesn't blame others.

Oh, you mean someone who is not a democrat/socialist/communist?

boredrandomguy 50 points ago

I noticed that access to this site has been very slow today with a lot more warnings from Cloudflare than usual.

This makes me wonder if we are under attack at the moment.

boredrandomguy 5 points ago

Since when does a city council have the ability to create/change/end any laws.

What about state and federal laws that still make those things illegal?

boredrandomguy 7 points ago

If scientists found a real cure for the mental disease known as transgenderism, they would be murdered, anyone that knew about it would be murdered, and the research would be destroyed. Even considering researching such a thing would likely get them killed or at least result in their reputations being destroyed.

boredrandomguy 84 points ago

I find it odd how many Republicans can be ruthless when in the private sector but turn into jellyfish the moment they get into office.

boredrandomguy 37 points ago

I'm betting the city wouldn't be doing it if it was a mosque in that building instead of a church.

boredrandomguy 4 points ago

Garage door pull rope instructions unclear. Hanged self after getting dick stuck in door.

boredrandomguy 81 points ago

Same here just in case I get to the polls and someone claims that I already voted by mail.

I saw it happen during the local primaries. Some guy was denied and told that he already voted by mail. I don't know if the guy actually did and was lying or if someone voted on his behalf.

boredrandomguy 197 points ago

The dems in Michigan are already trying to cheat like crazy. In my county, the county clerk sent everyone an application for permanent absentee voting.

EDIT: (Mail-in Voting)

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