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Sounds like the kind of quack that would put you under and sterilize you for his "religion."

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Oh young Daniel-son, neva too much weening.

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If cnn says anything, look elsewhere for the truth.

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Me too. God bless this person's grandpa. The people responsible will burn in Hell for this.

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Sometimes you're not as strong. In 3rd grade I got punched in the face by Kim D. and that was the end of the fight. She was 6 inches taller than me and already a 36 C.

But yeah, this burrito twat deserved it.

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It threatens everything good about this planet and it must be destroyed.

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And what is the cookie cutter headline from the msm? "He died from coronavirus". Fuck em all.

RIP, Mr. Cain.

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For years we've been saying this country needs a businessman to straighten it out, and by God, we finally did it. A man that can't be bought.

A smart, ambitious businessman that loves his country. We did good pedes, let's keep the train rolling!

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They are not fooling anyone at this point. They peaked too soon on this one, and I think they are scrambling for a new crisis to exploit.

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Outright censorship ignored. Is everyone on chyna's payroll?

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Mask debate = masturbate. It's the same jerk off all over.

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Never learned to swim...never had to. Nice!

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