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Here's the thing:

Every time the general public gets full, unfiltered access to President Trump, his popularity goes up. Every time.

And they can't stop it. POTUS handling of the Corona crisis, with millions of americans stuck at home actively watching the press briefings instead of listening to the cut, out-of-context clips, is DESTROYING them.

It hurts itself in its confusion

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There are somewhere between 40,00 to 50,000 suicides in the US every year, and about a third can be attributed to financial hardship. Those are hard facts and anyone who doesn't think the close down won't take lives is a fucking idiot. Whether it's necessary or not despite the price is a discussion for sure, but there damn well is going to be a price.

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Gold is down! How does that make sense?

Liquidation for margin calls. In every crisis there's always a dip in gold when that happens. It was the same in 2008:

Spez: It sets up a rally afterwards if there is a real, extended crisis. Otherwise you should expect a return to the norm anyway. Gold is solid for long time my friend, not short term moves.

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He has the BEST immune system folks. You know it, I know it.

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Loudly and repeatedly, in fact.

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That's a very long post to not address my point.

Countries that got H1N1 had widespread infection rates and very low mortality. The data presented on your post is fucking wrong. I don't care about the rest of your explanation because it's par for the course that the nevertrumper Dicks will do anything to hurt Trump (and his base, if possible). H1N1 was nowhere, NOWHERE near as deadly as what you posted.

You'd also have to be Biden level of crazy to believe China's numbers, but that's a different discussion.

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What is this bullshit? Swine Flu's mortality rate was 0.03%.

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I love how they're constantly fantasizing about Trump being forcibly removed, in chains, all that jazz. Rent free.

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Cabeza de Vaca was a Spaniard and a governor of what became Paraguay later on. So she's basically a descendant of a Conquistador, she's got no minority claims that can offset that:

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Someone has already made it, so go for it lol

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Don't forget molten salt reactors. Good ol' fission, but the money shot is that they can use up current nuclear waste to produce energy and reduce it down to almost nothing, their residue is a fraction of what current fission leaves behind and it's short lived to boot. It's recycling perfection. Use them for a while to get rid of all that waste, then use fusion to fulfill the inevitable growth in energy consumption.

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the idea that forests need our help is nuts

Untouched forests, you're right. A lot of forests have degraded because of human activity, and need help in the sense that without intervention it would take centuries for them to recover. Nothing wrong with giving them a head start.

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Not quite. PP is the majority right-leaning political party in Spain, and they're still 100% Eurocucks.

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Yup. Keep banning pedes now that we're less likely to just create a new account, and then say "see, see, it's losing steam!"

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