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Haven't watched the guy in ages. He seemed somewhat based before.

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If he hasn't worn one in the past this excuse wouldn't hold weight.

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That was the best pic I found. There's no doubt his will be smaller and fleshier. Watch it, pedes.

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I'd say they're jamming rotten food in it and throwing it in a blender.

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Whoa whoa whoa. How do we know what you wrote is in English. Got proof?

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If the color don't fit, change this shit.

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I don't know what Rock's deal is but the WWE has been trying to push into China for a decade now. John Cena, who was once an ambassador for the company, speaks fluent Mandarin.

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Eh, you're both right though. That's why I say this is all a matter of opinion at this point.

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When your side is evil and controls most of the media, just another day's work.

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The largest internet company said advertisers will not be able to run ads referencing candidates, the election or its outcome,

Could they be more blatant? The fix is in.

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Aesthetically speaking Portland was a beautiful city. Well-to-do lefties do a great job at upkeeping their environment and trying to bring other lefties into the fold. But that's the problem. People who agree with them politically often aren't anywhere near being on the same page in various ways. Antifa, BLM are great examples.

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We have the best pharmacologists, don't we, folks?

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I was going to make this same meme. Have an upvote, OP! 👍

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