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Lol you don’t take a nap high on meth, you crash out after you run out of meth. Dude probably passed out on the comedown. The pipes still in his mouth because he probably kept repeatedly hitting it trying to get a resin hit.

Same goes for a crackhead. When the shit is gone and the comedown begins, they will desperately keep pushing it trying to get leftover resin or oil to get them one last hit of the stuff.

Trust me, this dude wasn’t taking giant rips of meth or crack and then taking a nap lol

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It’s absolutely nuts how much proof keeps coming out that Biden was the one doing dirty corrupt shit with his son in Ukraine, and their only defense is to pretend like none of its real. Joe’s only defense is “nuh uh!”

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Brilliant campaign strategy, Joe. Show up to a factory and tell everyone that they are going to have their place of employment shut down.

Oh by the way, vote for me.

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I’m not OP but I think he means both. You hold your enemy to the standards they set because they will undoubtedly hold you to your own.

Doing this doesn’t mean you are an Alinskey radical or agree with him. You do it so that your enemy has the same disadvantage that he gives you.

Ultimately, holding them to their own standards will hopefully make them realize that you can’t deal with every person or situation in absolutes, and that there is nuance to every persons circumstances and actions.

I think the end goal is for the enemy to realize that holding everyone up to these extreme standards is a bad idea because it can just as easily happen to them. But if they continue to get to hold others up to impossible standards without being held up to their own, they will never learn this lesson.

He will continue to be able to damage others without damaging himself.

As for following God’s law, I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. You can follow your religion, while also holding your enemy up to their own standards.

I understand your side of the argument too though. If both sides go down this path we are left with endless hypocrisy. Attacking your enemy for failing to live up to their standards, while letting your allies off the hook for failing to live up to them.

I honestly think this kind of division is how we ended up with things like the MeToo movement and all the hypocrisy that followed.

And when does it end? A small group of people battling this way may come to realization of how it hurts them both in the end, but we are talking about an entire country that is divided. Not everyone learns a lesson. And not everyone gets damaged by it immediately.

The best possible scenario is for both sides to admit that we are all human and not everyone can live up to these impossible standards set 100% of the time. We are people, we fuck up. We are all sinners. It’s what you do with your life afterward that counts. Do you repent and try to do better? Or just continue to sin while only attacking other sinners?

It’s a shitty situation.

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That and they have academia and social media continually reminding them that none of their problems are their own doing. It’s the rest of society that caused their problems. They need to change and fix your problems for you. Out of their own pocket.

This is the attitude these people have. And all of these leftist echo chambers just reinforce it.

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It never gets old. And we need to keep watching these to put the election coverage into perspective for new supporters or those who didn’t pay attention in 2016.

The media had called the election for Hillary months before the actual election. They made it out to the viewer that there was absolutely no chance and that Trump was losing by double digits in the polls. They said Hillary had a 99% chance of winning the presidency.

They create this false reality to try to keep voter turnout low because people think there’s no point in voting in an election that has an already inevitable outcome.

However, even back in 2016, anyone with eyes and an attention span that lasts longer than 5 seconds could see the movement Trump sparked in this country. He was relentless, traveling the country like a man on a mission. And he drew enormous crowds over and over again, filling stadiums with real every day Americans.

Hillary, on the other hand, could barely fill a high school auditorium. And she bailed on campaigning in states she really needed because she was arrogant enough to believe that the media could just do her campaigning for her.

She would use a bunch of big name degenerate celebrities to try to being people in and generate enthusiasm. She had Jay Z do a free concert at one of her events and a bunch of people came. As soon as Jay Z left the stage and Hillary came out, everyone started leaving because they didn’t give a flying fuck about her or what she had to say.

You can’t just control people’s votes because they think that they need to vote in line with the needs of some millionaire celebrity. Most of us hate celebrities. We have so little in common with them, why on earth would we vote in their interests?

Anyway, remember this. This is exactly what they are trying to do right now with Joe Biden. Watch his events, there is such a glaring lack of enthusiasm for him. No one shows up to his events, he campaigns probably less than Hillary did. Trump is still filling stadiums, but once again we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden is beating him by double digits? Pffft, try again MSM. We’re not falling for it. And we will show up in droves come November 3rd.

We finally have a President who isn’t another puppet for the Establishment. He can’t be bought off, he already has enough fuck you money to live the rest of his life in security and wealth.

He’s doing what’s right for us, the hardworking patriotic middle class Americans that keep this country running. He’s doing what’s right for our military, destroying our enemies and bringing our troops home. He’s taking on every single megaconglomerate and puppet politician that has been controlling our country, lining their pockets, and sucking us dry for decades.

And he’s doing what’s right for the world. Bringing peace to the Middle East, getting North Korea to chill the fuck out and work with South Korea again. He destroyed ISIS, a problem that Obama claimed would rake a generation to fix. Trump did it in a couple years. He’s standing up the Communist Chinese when every other establishment and institution has sold out to them to line their own pockets. Selling our freedom away just because the Chinese will make them wealthy. That’s treason. Trump is the only one willing to stand up against it. That’s why we need him another 4 years. It is absolutely vital to the future of this country.

It’s no surprise that the 6 mega conglomerate media companies want to make it seem like Trump is losing. They are a part of the status quo establishment that has been ripping this country off for years. The media hating Trump is a good thing. It shows that they are not neutral or informative, they are just pushing for their own interests. The interests of the billionaires who own them.

Donald Trump is the greatest President in over a century. Now watch as the establishment lashes out more and more as they continue to lose more and more power over this country and its citizens.

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They’re so sad and disappointed that they can’t continue to spread their anti-white racism throughout all of our institutions ohh boooohooooo woe is me!

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All we can do is pray that karma catches up with these low-lifes.

What purpose does blocking streets even serve? Other than to intimidate and bully people? Are they trying to prevent commerce?

What gets accomplished by blocking the damn street? Some guy pulls up and then they just scream obscenities at him.

All they are accomplishing is getting people to hate them more than they already did. And putting themselves at risk to get ran over.

What a genius plan...

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I honestly think that’s fair. As much as the China virus barely kills anyone, the elderly, especially ones with other health problems, need protection.

These are the people I wouldn’t laugh at for staying home or wearing a mask to feel safe, even if it doesn’t protect from a damn thing.

Let those who are generally not going to be affected by this thing live their fucking lives. And for those who are at risk, they can choose to take precautions. It’s common fucking sense, and what we should have been doing as soon as it was evident that only certain people were at risk.

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Yet when the flu kills 1000s every year, not a single person ever found it necessary to social distance, wear masks, and hide in their house.

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Yet it’s so dangerous we need to arrest those who won’t comply with wearing the precious masks.

Or....just maybe....maybe we could let people choose whether or not they want to wear one.

Who am I kidding, the lowly plebs must not be given choices, only orders.🙄

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Lol anyone who they don’t like is a nazi, even if it’s some random person who just wants to drive somewhere.

These morons are unintentionally redpilling thousands of people just by being the mental midgets that they are.

There’s no excuse for this shit. Telling the dude you’re going to mace him for driving through a town. I’d have fucking plowed through them too.

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Exactly. The worst part is that once a person becomes so brainwashed and conditioned to respond to certain stimuli, they are not reachable.

You can show them endless facts that contradict their narrative, and they will completely ignore or disregard it because they only feel comfortable in a state where their narrative is in tact.

Scary stuff...

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Imagine being this brainwashed...

I can’t wait for the landslide. They will become so demoralized that were going to need paramedics on standby for all the ones who try to off themselves.

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Correct. These are people who only read headlines from fake news organizations or just believe what someone posts on social media without verifying it or ever digging any deeper for the facts.

If enough shills can AstroTurf and gaslight a comment section, they believe this is what the majority believes so I should believe it too.

They are completely disconnected from reality, only the artificial reality created by the msm and shills.

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They equate some moron criminal attacking police and getting shot to “this is Donald Trump’s America where the evil white police hunt down and murder innocent black people.”

It’s a giant lie, but that’s exactly what this degenerate mental midget believes.

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It always is and always will be in these race-war narratives they keep trying to push.

They’re scouring events all over the country looking for situations that can be spun into looking racist from the outside, but don’t hold up when actually put under real scrutiny.

They’re counting on people being emotionally manipulated by the headlines without digging any deeper.

It’s disgusting.

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You mean the Laura Silsby that works for the Amber Alert system now? 😳

I member when TD uncovered that little tidbit and then Julian Assange actually gave us a shoutout for bringing it to the public’s attention!

This dude definitely is a pede!

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If it were a small number of ballots, you know they’d rush to say “oh there were only a couple ballots, we’re sorry but it’s not that big a deal.”

But they won’t disclose how many ballots they found. Wonder why?

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What other way can you interpret a failed Democratic Presidential candidate buying a bunch of peoples way into voting?

We know who he wants to win. What other purpose could he have for doing it other than to buy his way into giving the Democrat a better chance?

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

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I found out my son was doing coke and knocking up hookers after the fact he was kicked out of the military and after a judge ordered a paternity test! But it all looked good on the surface. There’s not a shred of evidence he ever did any of that stuff!

But, C’mon man! Trump peepee tape Russia!

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Lol they’d put a gambling addict in charge of casinos. They’d put Gollum in charge of a jewelry store. They’d put the fuckin Kool-Aid man in charge of a construction site!


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Lol they’re fucking retards who can only think of reality in terms of television programs.

No original thought. Just the same recycled crap they’re told to think over and over and over and over.

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