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Sorry, even though BMI is bullshit to begin with, it's based on some arbitrary figures and can even designate a bodybuilder as "obese", there aren't figures for 5,000 different genders because there aren't 5,000 different genders. There are only 2. What you do superficially to bolt-on, remove or change on your body or what hormone cocktail you inject yourself with daily doesn't change what your DNA says about you. How your body processes fat, protein and nutrients not only depends on the exercise you do and what you eat but what's encoded in your genetics. Some of it you just can't change.

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I’m happy someone close called him out on this. And this pathetic piece of work used his ‘faith’ and claimed a higher moral code of ethics as his reason for doing this. You can’t go any lower than that.

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Do it!!!!!

They wouldn’t think twice about charging Trump!!

Grow some fucking balls and do it!!!

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I'm proud that my hometown of Lakewood, NJ voted for Trump 74.4%, thanks to its Orthodox Jewish community.

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Calling these people out is not good enough. They must pay for stuff like this. Jail time. I am sick and tired of talk. I want action. That is the only way the norms will hear this.